Legends Shamborskogo castle

Shamborskogo castleThe world famous castles of the Loire Valley. Rooms in it than days of the year – 440, and that all the way around them, take a few hours …

With Shambolic lock bind names of Leonardo da Vinci, the mysterious Comte Saint-Germain and many other famous personalities. Lands, where now is the lock in X century. Owned by Count of Blois, Champagne and Chatillon. In 1392, they were acquired by the Duke Louis of Orleans, and when he ascended the throne under the name of Louis XII, became the property of the French crown. In 1515 Louis XII was succeeded by his cousin Francis I. For the project, Francis has invited Leonardo da Vinci. However, he did not complete the project, as he died in 1519 in the same year, construction began on the construction of the castle in the royal hunting estate of Chambord, in the bend of the river Cosson. Residential building was only completed in 1537, and in 1540-m built two floors of the royal apartments, the ground floor and the walls of the chapel adjoining outbuildings. However, the full wing of the royal apartments was completed only after the death of Francis I, in 1547, that time the chapel was erected on the level of the second floor. 12 years to finish building the third floor.

However, up to 1684, the building had no roof. Despite the fact that the castle was never completed, lived there. Everyday life of its inhabitants proceeded mainly in residential apartment housing. On each floor there were four apartments, four were located in the corner towers. Each apartment includes a large hall, a bedroom and dressing room. On the manor’s rooms located rooms for servants. Most of the rooms have central fireplaces. Floors Castle connected by a central double spiral staircase, which ended at the top of an open terrace with a magnificent view of the roof. And how it was the roof! Her lyukarny were decorated in typical Italian style, Pinnacle, lanterns, chimneys, columns and pediments with ornaments, decorations and sculptures.

In the center was a huge lantern crowns the spiral staircase. Initially it was a cross-cutting, and later it was decorated with stained glass. Dome lamp supported archways. There were also spiral staircases in the corner turrets. They could use in addition to the central staircase. According to historians, the planning Shamborskogo castle had a symbolic value: for example, the court aristocracy apartments located between the wing and the royal chapel, that is, between the power of earthly and heavenly.

Castle and the surrounding tall trees symbolize the French people, which is under protection of the state, which, in turn, symbolized rounded fortress wall length of 33 km. Francis I in life there are only arrivals at Chambord, and his wife Eleanor of Habsburg and his favorite Anna. He usually dropped in there about once every two years, when the hunting season begins. It is true that in winter 1539 in the unfinished castle Shamborskom were lush celebration of the visit of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles .

This monarch was so excited about the castle and its interiors, which called the building a synthesis of the most beautiful, of what human ingenuity. Son and heir of Henry II Francis I continued to finish building the castle. In 1559, after his death, the construction halted, although the members of the royal family continued to visit the castle. In particular, King Charles IX, who was fond of hunting, often could hit here.

But after his death in 1574 the castle was mostly empty: King Henry III and Henry IV have been here very often. In 1626, Louis XIII gave the county of Blois, which included Chambord, as a gift to his brother, Gaston Duke of Orleans. Shamborskogo becoming the owner of the castle, he resumed the construction work. Chambord again later taken over by the French kings. In 1725, Louis XV gave it to his father-in-possession a former Polish king Stanislavsky Brzezinski, received the title of Duke of Lorraine.

And twenty years later, the castle passed into the hands of Marshal Maurice of Saxony, who placed him in a volunteer regiment. In 1750, Marshal died under mysterious circumstances. Officially, the reason for it was a bad cold, but there were rumors that the deceased was in fact stabbed Prince Conti, jealous of him for his wife … Another legend has it that in the middle of the XVIII century, the castle housed Shamborskom alchemy lab …

In 1793, during the French Revolution, Chambord was sacked and almost destroyed. Residents of the nearby town decided to disassemble a building stone, and build from it home for the Patriots. Castle survived miraculously. In 1809, Napoleon gave Chambord Marshal Berthier, and in 1821, after the Restoration, it is owned by the grandson of King Charles X, who lived too long in the castle, the Duke of Bordeaux, who, after the revolution in 1830, while in link, will take the title of Count Chambord.

In 1883, moved to the residence of the Duke of Parma, Robert, nephew of the Duke of Bordeaux. In 1932, Chambord was bought by the Government from its then owner Elie Bourbon for 11 million gold francs, and has since been owned by the French state.

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