Himalayas-expected strong earthquake

31 Dec

earthquakeThe research group led by scientists from Nan yang Technological University in Singapore, a strong earthquake of magnitude 8 to 8.5 left distinct scars in the central part of the Himalayas?

This discovery could have far-reaching consequences for the region, population density, which is similar to those in New York. According to Professor Paul Trap pone, the existence of similar earthquakes in the past means that in future earthquakes of the same strength may occur again, especially in areas where earthquakes predecessor traces were found.

Research conducted by scientists suggest that in 1255 and in 1934 in the Himalayas there were powerful earthquake, dramatically changed the look of the highest mountain range on our planet. Conclusions of scientists published in the journal Neysa Geosyncline.

Previously it was thought that the earthquake that occurred in the Himalayas, were blind – that is, to leave no trace on the surface. Now, scientists will have to reconsider.

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