Heal our own shadow

shadowWe create our own reliable with our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes have unwanted experiences can be painful and limit us in some way. Do not know how to create these experiences and because we spend and do not know what to do to stop them. Seem like something or someone outside of us is creating those experiences and we feel powerless.
We not only create our reality with our conscious mind but also with our subconscious mind incorporating negative patterns that separate us from the truth. These negative patterns and unconscious deal with deception and rejection we feel for others and ourselves.
To heal these negative patterns of thought entrenched deep within ourselves we must heal our own shadow.
That means to heal our own shadow?
It is accepting the imperfect parts of ourselves, work rejection, deceit and blame in different situations in our lives by bringing them to our conscious mind to love them and heal them.
The shadow itself is rooted in the subconscious mind and is composed of the darkest and unacceptable that we try to hide or deny.
Many times these unwanted parts we see in others (projection) and do not like.
The shadow itself is created when we refuse to accept our feelings.
It is important to accept that there is a part of us that is attracting those experiences or unwanted people.
We need to know and accept this part of our own mind in order to heal these negative experiences we attract and to not affect us in any way.
Once healed our own shadow can live the life of a healthy, balanced, free and full of positive feelings and wonderful experiences.

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