Fire Rat and shimmering dragons

dragonsHueyshan abound in gold and silver, and the rules it as their royal leader-“Leader of the set.” Followed later in the history absolutely strange passages, however, eloquently demonstrate the quirkiness of Chinese world view and their peculiar manner of narration in a very distant future. “At the far south of the country lie Yanshan Mountains, people who eat lobsters, crabs and hairy snakes to protect themselves from the heat. At the top of this mountain of fire live rats – ferrets or proteins, which fur used for the manufacture of non-combustible material and purified by fire. To the north at a distance from the state is Black Women pharynx or plain, and to the north of the Black Throat Mountains are so high that it reaches the sky and covered with snow all year round. Sun here does not show up. Tell that it supports the luminous dragon.

At a great distance to the west of the state Women fountains, tastes like wine. In the same area you can also find sea Laka, and waves his color-black feathers and fur, are immersed in it, and a little close to the sea is one more – the color of milk. The area surrounded by these wonders of nature, a very extended and fertile. Dogs, ducks and horses large live here, and finally, there are even birds that give birth to human children. Male babies that are born of these birds do not survive. And only daughter with great care raised by their fathers who carry them in their beaks or on the wings. Once they start to walk, become masters of themselves. All of them – remarkable beauty and very hospitable, but die before and thirty years. The rats in this country are white and enormous, like a horse, and their wool – a few centimeters long. “

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