Do not bring up the family vampire!

vampireVampire in the mythological and occult understanding supposedly gives immortality, but it steals or takes the life of another. Just like in the fairy tales, beautiful princess turns into a frog, and a boy in yagnenochka. While Koschei Immortal or Baba Yaga got extra strength for their misdeeds. So in the tales describe vampire, and it speaks of his long-standing and deep-rooted. The same thing we often see in a real relationship between people.

“In modern medicine – says an expert on the karmic Astrogor medicine – there is no direction that would describe” vampire “as a social phenomenon, as a disease. There are no methods for determining human-vampire, protection, tools, and methods of treatment as vampires and their victims. Karmic Medicine examines the implicit and explicit interaction energy between all biological systems. But in this version, we paid more attention to the consideration of the energy relationship between biological systems thinking – “man? Man” … The energy vampire – it is such a relationship between people, in which there was a violent seizure of the life force. The Chinese have this force called “chi”, the Japanese – “ki”, the Indian yogi – “prana.” Energy vampire born at the tender age – from birth to the end of his school – born energy vampire. From ancient treatises known that in this phase of development is everyone. However, it can not be called a disease. Child clean it an angel sent by God, and we alone are responsible for the fact that he may receive a terrible disease. ”

How are energy vampire

While the baby is small and helpless, it just needs to, we paid attention to him: playing and walking with him, told stories and sang songs, learned to draw, build, tinkering.

Sacred duty of parents, especially mothers, to devote herself to raising her child, to give him the warmth of the soul, to learn to rejoice. But you can only love his child, yet it is often parents’ love and not enough children. Time and again we see the indifference of the mother, father irritation. It is in this situation and emerging vampirism.

Children energovampirizm – punishment parents. Child – an indicator of the soul of the family, the “litmus test” quality of energy that surround it, with whom he comes into contact. It is known that the baby is always drawn to the clean, bright and happy person, and begins to act up in the presence of human evil, disagreeable. If we do not give our children the love, joy and knowledge, saying, “Leave me alone, bored, go play myself,” – he acts up, and when growing up – starts to bicker, to be rude. And then we lost and empty out their anger on the child, instead of the pure energy dropped on it the accumulated filth of the soul.

And lives a little man, being charged at home, in school and in the street scum energy adults and peers. He needs to break and destroy, to swear and be rude, drinking and smoking, all of which show, to cause overt or covert irritation around to charge. Well, if on his way to meet a teacher, a friend or a friend that will show what a joy of life, love of neighbor and to knowledge, if he will open the spiritual world – then he will be saved. But if this does not happen?

At 12 years the child is free to argue, to defend their interests and views. He should see his natural interest in life: sports, technology, art, nature, books, etc. But here we see that it is not interested in anything, do not worry, he does not want to make efforts for their spiritual and intellectual development. His desire to fit in just two words: “give” and “want.” All your efforts to inspire teenagers to the world of spiritual joy split into flesh, “What’s in it for me?” This is a well-established energovampir.

As a result, 14 years, many children are sick with chronic energovampirizmom. A great life ahead. But what?

But it is not only this, but also in how we all live with such a creature? Therefore, in addition to well-drawn Astrogorom paintings, each, of course, want to know how to find out whether a person is energovampirom and how to protect yourself from it.

How to calculate energovampira

There is a simple method, invented by another great mathematician and mystic Pythagoras. It turns out that on the basis of the analysis of the numbers present in the date of birth, you can determine a person’s predisposition to a particular activity, and disease. Of course, this tendency does not necessarily lead to the appearance of the disease, but increases the probability of its occurrence. Thus, the absence of the number 2 in the date of birth (for example – 07/18/1983) indicates a predisposition to energovampirizmu! Such people, according to U.S. researchers, there are more than 80%. However, active vampires Statistics academician Chernozubova, thank God, not so much, is about 10 percent.

How to protect against vampire

Now – for protection, both general and specific. Especially should pay attention to the baby, if it’s infancy very whiny, and growing up, does not cease to go for any of the parents are literally on the heels tends even sleep in the parent’s bed. Urgent measures are needed here!

First of all, in any case, do not accuse him of vampire: most of these genuine “suckling” nothing at all aware of their disease and act instinctively, like a hungry child, stealing a loaf of bread, without thinking of what to do so badly. And above all, you need to get a tree donor that each sign of the zodiac – his own. List them. For Capricorn – is decorative pine or arborvitae, to Aquarius – figs and lemongrass, for Pisces – elm, for Aries – drain for Taurus – myrtle, for the Twins – laurel for Cancer – willow, for Leo – oak, for Virgo – apple for Libra – beech, for Scorpio – rowan, for Sagittarius – palm. There are other trees, look them in the horoscope of druids or other in books dendroterapii. It will need to find alternatives, such as figs, vine or palm. Although these days it does not matter, you can get anything you want. But if you have more confidence in wood from the middle band, have some work to do. But after a vampire in the family, it is no small thing, is not it?

“By the way, in the plant world there are plants, variously affect the human biofield. So energized birch, Valerian, heather, oak, ginseng, chestnut, cedar, maple. Bleed her, willow, alder, mistletoe, aspen, plantain, sagebrush, poplar, cherry. And the earth itself is also divisible by vampire – geopathic

Now, about what it means to “get”? Of course, figs, like a palm tree in a pot and not put in the room does not deliver. But you can put in a decorative vase, preferably in the bedroom, the right branch of the tree or ornament, carved from the appropriate timber (paint not cover!). Finally, it will fit just a piece of wood measuring at least three inches. Also good to know that common to all vampire characters donor is an ordinary ficus. The second necessary step – not just protection, but also (to date!) Completely cured of vampire – the pyramid. Do not be surprised, because the miraculous properties of the pyramids – a topic for another discussion. You just need to be made from any material – from paper to plastic – the pyramid of one meter on the size and fit it over the head of the bed on which your home is sleeping vampire. If you yourself are sleeping side by side, very soon, make sure that your sleep was unusually strong, dreaming dreams joyful and bright, and the time required for complete rest, suddenly dropped, performance suddenly noticeably increased, and so on and so n . Why this effect – the modern science can not explain, but parapsychologists world are well aware of the “phenomenon of the pyramid” and often use it to practice with their clients and patients. As for the “sucker” … About a month and a half pyramid rebuild its power and create a channel through which it will be fueled by energy, like all normal people, from space.

Finally, if you cross a vampire with you at work, popular wisdom suggests conspiracy-ward, to say that should be every morning before leaving the house, facing east. Especially on days when you know exactly what you have to communicate with that person.

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