Clarification of the mysteries

mysteriesThe ancient name of a hollow mulberry mention of which can often be found in customary Chinese legends. In the story of the monk it could well go on some analogue of mulberry, the exact name is not known Dushanbe and fruits that were actually edible.

According to Henrietta, no doubt, and the fact of any edible grains of beans or referred to in the text – it is, of course, of the corn. Made of mud brick homes with circular entrance in a hole – this is the typical Indian buildings that still can be found, for example, in Colorado, National Park Mesa Verde. In these places, people once lived the Anasazi, who left in an unknown direction, but left behind these buildings. Anasazi planted corn and maize, whose grain and saw Dushanbe and his companions.

Sea Luck should have the color of Chinese dark varnish, that is to be big, with dark, opaque waters. This lake is really to be found in the vicinity of modern-day Los Angeles. It is called-Sabre Tar pits. If you dip them in a pen or a piece of fur, then they do get dark. Under the sea water white like milk, probably means some salt lake or marsh. Those in places during Hueyshanya also be found.

An explanation can easily get the people who lower body like men, and the top – the dogs. In this case it probably is a commonly used Indian ritual masks. Donning such masks, the Indians could easily imitate the habits and at the same time the voice of these animals.

What to say about the state of women? A number of Indians of Central America decided inheritance sort through the mother, for example, in Montana and Pueblo peoples in the Southwest United States, as well as from the famous Hopi. Able to identify and leaves salty plants that resemble some Chinese herbs and have a pleasant smell.

This brackish plants Anemones Californian, really smelly, and until recently was widely used in northern Mexico as a medical drug.

As for the abundance of gold and silver in the ignorance of iron in a number of Indian tribes, it was evident and the Spanish conquistadors. Smoking volcanoes and snow-capped mountains can also be found on the opposite China U.S. Pacific coast. So Dushanbe not necessarily been adversaries.

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