Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific OceanHistorical say that the participants in the royally palace rather laughed at this extraordinary story.

They laughed and clapped their hands, saying to each other, they had never heard of a better history. Western scholars have seen in a long time; confirm that fact, progressive world view of the Chinese in ancient times, their ability to distinguish truth from fiction. But in our time Limnologists inclined to treat the story Hueyshanya much more serious. Many of them are finding that dressed in the familiar language of Chinese myths and legends, the story of a monk almost mathematically precise.

Travelogue primarily provides the careful student information on the direction and distance swimming Hueyshanya to lands, as there is at stake. Putting aside the map 10-12 thousand kilometers to the east of China, we are in America. Paradoxically? Nevertheless, even in 1761, the aforementioned Joseph Gin published a work entitled Studies of the Chinese voyages to America and some of the nations found on the eastern tip of Asia. In 1865, his colleague Gustav Intestinal published work, the name of which talk about the main idea:The study of Buddhist origins of American civilization.Staining pointed out that much of the culture of the Maya and Aztec comes from the Buddhist tradition, perhaps the Chinese had been brought there.

In 1953 he published the book Henriette Hertz faded ink.Many scientists at the time, it seemed absurd. But the second edition in 1972 was more accurate when it came to the facts, and is also provided with detailed maps of wandering Chinese travelers on the American continent – and the possibility of cultural kinship Chinese and Indians are widely spoken around the world.

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