Chinese archaeologists have dug up 3.5 tons of ancient coins

31 Dec

Oldest coinsChina exposed about 3.5 tons of ancient coins in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China.

The ancient coins weighing about 3.5 million kilograms, were found in the city of Odors Holocene three pits dug by nearly a thousand years ago, after police uncovered three cases of theft – leads the agency words Lien Jilin, a researcher of the Institute of Regional cultural heritage and archaeology.

Most of the ancient coins were in use during the reign of the Han dynasty (202-220 gg.). Along with them were found to form gallivant money in the amount of more than 100 pieces, which date back to the reign of Emperor Wadi (156-87 years. BC) and ruled for a brief period Xin Dynasty (45 BC – ’23 BC).

These findings provide food for the research of the ancient method of manufacture of ancient coins, usually because of their castings used several other techniques.

Given the value of the relics found, scientists have come to the conclusion that Holocene could be one of the largest and main city of northern China during the Han Dynasty.

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