21/12/2012 – check out the idea of humanity …

22 Dec

end of the worldThe majority in terms of dense happen unexpectedly and without specifying the date in advance. And, in fact, date 21.12.2012 more interesting as the coming Age of Aquarius in the esoteric.

Maximum, the Illuminati and their followers have something they planned, because they advertised it as the end of the world. [I] And Light (spiritual development), as this has not been … Only one Shadow (violence, murder, ritual, widespread false worship of money and power, universal madness as personal benefit of his ego).

Imagine Light – spiritual development of earthlings, and ubiquitous, which affects for any reason or no reason with all the less-minded creatures on Earth. This means that the system is “in itself” will the system “with each other, instead of” …

When there is light, spiritual development – then the person is either thinking creatures do not live for the sake of the meat, food, anything that will satisfy them physically – it’s starting to make sense – many will realize that life is not only possible, but also in the real our plan – the result is obvious – transition. Here it Go. Pranic food, to say in general. Only this is one of the results, and not as the goal itself.

Light, spiritual development does not lead to strife, mezhdusobiytsam, wars, but to share to good living, where the meaning is that one sees in a man or a dense plan is not an enemy, not a murderer, and the other, the vibrations of which are consistent to each other.

Vibration of every creature in our form so far in the world opposite parallel to each other and everyone experiences either fear or dislike or strong vibrations mismatch many to each other. And the work of the invisible to us in terms of the small things here, and assigned to the vibration of each of the creatures and also on his karmic connections in tight plan.
21.12.2012 – the date that has only one meaning – the power of thought to know people, the majority of men … and the power of materializing their thoughts. And this date is being discussed before in 2003 that New Stories exception to the permanent viziulizirovaniya options for the outcome.


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