Chinese archaeologists have dug up 3.5 tons of ancient coins

Oldest coinsChina exposed about 3.5 tons of ancient coins in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China.

The ancient coins weighing about 3.5 million kilograms, were found in the city of Odors Holocene three pits dug by nearly a thousand years ago, after police uncovered three cases of theft – leads the agency words Lien Jilin, a researcher of the Institute of Regional cultural heritage and archaeology.
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Global warming wakes volcanoes

wakes volcanoesPerceptibly volcanic which then reflects the sun’s rays, cooling the planet in a few years. But it turns out the opposite is happening, the periods of warming, following the period of glaciations, can lead to more frequent eruptions.

A group of geologists studying ocean bottom mud sample along the perimeter of the Pacific Ring of Fire volcano for signs of ancient eruptions. Bottom layer thicknesses in a million years of accumulation contain layers of ash from the eruption of 91. Continue reading “Global warming wakes volcanoes”

Himalayas-expected strong earthquake

earthquakeThe research group led by scientists from Nan yang Technological University in Singapore, a strong earthquake of magnitude 8 to 8.5 left distinct scars in the central part of the Himalayas?

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Wall Street are hiding in holes

hiding in holesA person claims that there has inside information about what is going on and they say, what happens, does not promise anything good. The most reliable sources require anonymity. As a result, I found myself in a position where I try figure out whether to write and send a broadcast some very controversial information.

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Mars could be snowed under with water before

flooded marsGeorgia Institute of Technology announces that the results of fresh studies suggest that once nearly all of Mars was flooded with water. According to the researchers, the study showed that the clay rocks and some of the minerals found in the Martian rocks and soil, can form only in long-term water availability.

The researchers came to the conclusion that in order to Mars formed such a large amount of clay and other rocks and minerals; most of the world has been a long time under water.
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Legends Shamborskogo castle

Shamborskogo castleThe world famous castles of the Loire Valley. Rooms in it than days of the year – 440, and that all the way around them, take a few hours …

With Shambolic lock bind names of Leonardo da Vinci, the mysterious Comte Saint-Germain and many other famous personalities. Lands, where now is the lock in X century. Owned by Count of Blois, Champagne and Chatillon. In 1392, they were acquired by the Duke Louis of Orleans, and when he ascended the throne under the name of Louis XII, became the property of the French crown. Continue reading “Legends Shamborskogo castle”

Fire Rat and shimmering dragons

dragonsHueyshan abound in gold and silver, and the rules it as their royal leader-“Leader of the set.” Followed later in the history absolutely strange passages, however, eloquently demonstrate the quirkiness of Chinese world view and their peculiar manner of narration in a very distant future. “At the far south of the country lie Yanshan Mountains, people who eat lobsters, crabs and hairy snakes to protect themselves from the heat. Continue reading “Fire Rat and shimmering dragons”

How to Remain Safe on Social Networks-Back to the Basics

Safe on Social NetworksDo you enjoy social networking? Well, the answer is resounding yes because these sites let’s you to sit alone on the couch and get camaraderie of like minded people. You can have a trash talk with the person who is cheering your competitor or give a high five to your friends. Continue reading “How to Remain Safe on Social Networks-Back to the Basics”

Chinese cross the Pacific Ocean?

Pacific OceanHistorical say that the participants in the royally palace rather laughed at this extraordinary story.

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Clarification of the mysteries

mysteriesThe ancient name of a hollow mulberry mention of which can often be found in customary Chinese legends. In the story of the monk it could well go on some analogue of mulberry, the exact name is not known Dushanbe and fruits that were actually edible.

According to Henrietta, no doubt, and the fact of any edible grains of beans or referred to in the text – it is, of course, of the corn. Made of mud brick homes with circular entrance in a hole – this is the typical Indian buildings that still can be found, for example, in Colorado, National Park Mesa Verde. Continue reading “Clarification of the mysteries”