The sun coincided with a large magnetic storm on Earth

14 Nov

Sun stormA large magnetic storm began on Earth almost simultaneously with a full solar eclipse, but these events are almost certainly not related, according to a statement on the Sun laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI).

Maximum phase of a total eclipse of the sun, which is November 14 could be observed just to the north of Australia, has fallen to 02.00 MSK medium, and at the same time on Earth was recorded beginning sufficiently large magnetic storm. Storm continued for about 12 hours, according to 14.00 MSK, the index of geomagnetic disturbances Kp, measured by a network of ground magnetic stations has dropped from 6 to 5, which indicates some weakening of the storm.

“This is the first magnetic storm on Earth after a month’s break. Last disturbances of the magnetic field exceeds the level of Kp = 4, which shares a quiet and disturbed state of the Earth’s magnetosphere, exactly a month ago – on 13 and 14 October 2012. Then the magnetic storm was recorded the lowest, the first level, which lasted for almost a day, “- said in a statement. As they note, in the last few years, this is the second case where the solar eclipse exactly coincides with the magnetic storm on Earth – the last time it happened during the total solar eclipse of July 22, 2009. Then the storm, which also began almost simultaneously with the closing of the Sun and Moon at the maximum reach of the second, the “average” level of five, lasted about 6 hours. “In general, the science rather skeptical about the possible connection of eclipses of the sun with geomagnetic disturbances, recorded on Earth although theoretically the mechanism of this effect can be imagined. One reason for skepticism is that the Sun and Moon are aligned in a straight line every 29.5 days – so-called synodic month, which formed the basis of the modern calendar. It is with such an interval, in particular, there are the same phase of the moon, including the new and full moon, “- said in a statement. therefore, explain the scientists, if the connection of the sun with the moon affect the geomagnetic conditions, theoretically one would expect, that in a number of geomagnetic disturbances should be observed repeated 30-day component. “This component is not detected. However, the potential influence of the Moon on the Earth, as a whole, a very interesting and, apparently, keeps more than one puzzle “- noted in the laboratory. most likely cause of the ongoing storm experts monitoring of space weather called solar emissions plasma from a series of solar flares occurring in the last three days – all from the 12th of November, in the Sun was 23 outbreaks, including five class event M, prior X, the highest out of five on the scale of solar flares. “It is also not excluded probability that the Earth is now in the zone of influence of the so-called coronal holes – regions of the solar corona with open magnetic field lines along which the interplanetary space expire fast solar wind streams. To ascertain which of the flares or coronal holes caused this event has not yet been “- colleagues report.

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