Sun shot at the Earth

30 Nov

The EarthA lot of mischief at home and on the earth and in the water and in the air. Still, not all of the global climate change – because of us. The mechanism of weather on the planet of a million years. His current imbalance – 10% work of man, and the rest – natural processes.

The biggest influence on the weather of the planet has the Sun. The familiar 11-year solar cycle is broken. Flash luminary became stronger. For us it is – a direct threat.

Sun – like a spinning spacecraft, which are the most powerful guns. From time to time they shoot at unpredictable space. If we are not lucky enough to accurately hit a volley into the Earth, will not find it.

Once this has been, when, due to a jump in solar activity disrupted electricity in Canada and the United States. In addition, the moon affects can be, not only on the tides. And little by little, in centimeters per year, moving magnetic poles. If this process is accelerated, then the world may well be like in the song: And where the pole was there tropics, where New York – Nakhichevan. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the same solar and cosmic particles.

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