New dinosaur discovered Tomsk region of Siberia

30 Nov

New dinosaurThe area of specially protected natural area in the village were Emelyanovo. State Reserve on Little Kemchug was designed to restore the population of beaver. Since then, the beaver has bred in these parts to excess. And now the local population of this species adds annually to ten percent of its population.

Along with this, a list of animals and plants during this time fell into the category of needing protection. Therefore, the more-Kemchugsky and Little Kemchugsky state complex reserve decided to organize to achieve the objectives of the current industry. The more so that in addition to the need to protect wildlife, there is a need to protect against unnecessary exposure of human activities relic remains of animals found in the area.

The proposed draft regulations on nature reserves practically does not restrict the activities of individuals. Fishing is allowed in accordance with the general rules, gathering and so on. But the movement of weapons and hunting with dogs, the authorities intend to prohibit.

The bed of the river Small Kemchug – territory of the future reserve – divides hunting grounds Yemelyanovo area into two sections. This means that in order to get to the territory between the rivers with weapons hunters have to break the ban. Projects of the organization reserves were approved by the members of public hearings with the amendment permitted to cross the territory of the reserve with a weapon for those who have a permit for extraction of a beast, the press service of the Administration Yemelyanovo district.

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