Mystery of the Sphinx

14 Nov

SphinxSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. “Things to do in ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago.” 1863

On faith in the power of ancient magic, evidenced by the inscription on a stone slab placed between the paws of the Sphinx guarding the pyramid of Khafre in El Giza. The inscription reads: once the pharaoh Thutmose IV, who was then still a prince, tired after hunting, asleep at the foot of the Sphinx.

In a dream he was a god-Horem ahet-Khepri-Re-Atum, who represented the Sphinx. He ordered a statue of clean sands, which were brought by the wind from the desert and by the time of Thutmose was almost completely buried the Great Sphinx. As a reward for this service God has promised to make Prince Pharaoh. Waking up, Thutmose ordered to immediately begin execution of the divine will, and soon cleared the Sphinx became pharaoh. Thutmose IV rules around 1397-1388 years BC. e.
Description of one of the sections of magic – art call spirits of the dead or necromancy – is set out in manuals kept in museums in London and Leiden, in the Louvre. There are detailed methods for establishing contacts not only with the gods and spirits of the kingdom of light, but with demonic creatures, and ruined, propane showers. It was believed that necromancy allows you to receive messages, tips and instructions from the other world, and make requests to staying there beings. All these actions are accompanied by certain, often very complex rituals.
The knowledge of the existence of the ancient Egyptians, appearance and occupation demons were much larger and richer than the knowledge of European magicians in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

The main source of information about the underground demons – is the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. From it we learn that the owners of this sad place guarded gates of the underworld kingdom of penetration of “wicked”, roamed the underground possessions of Osiris, and the food in this dark world, they were dead bodies, and they quenched their thirst with their blood.

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