Hurricane “Sandy” in the United States called doomsday

05 Nov

SandyThe Mid-Atlantic portion of the United States was in a hurricane affected area “Sandy” employees Space Flight Center of the George C. Marshall in Huntsville, Alabama, witnessed remarkable optical phenomenon: the complex interplay of luminous arcs and rings around the midday sun.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” – says the eyewitness, Bill Cooke, head of NASA’s Research Laboratory of meteors. His colleague, geophysicist David Hathaway, took a few photos.

According to meteorologists, the phenomenon is almost certainly due to the hurricane “Sandy.” Center of the storm was far away in the north-east of the Alabama, but “Sandy” – a big storm and the transport of cirrus clouds composed of ice crystals, spread over hundreds of kilometers away.

Sunlight is refracted in ice crystals of various shapes, formed a number of ghosts. Both and painted a wonderful picture. “By my count, there are a halo of 22 °, pargelichesky circle, upper tangent arc and back arc” – said Chris Brighvell, who also made the unusual photo.

“Very impressive – agreed another witness Kyle Vinkleman optical phenomenon. – In our country it happens once in a decade. ”

However, in superstitious circles in the U.S. saw it as a sign. popularly rumors of an impending apocalypse. Some have decided that it is time to repent.

According to experts, the repetition of such an event can wait another ten years, when New York will the next hurricane. However, some believe that in light of the increasing hurricane activity, fans of the sky must be vigilant to see the beautiful and frightening images again.

Les Cowley, an expert in the field of optical atmospheric effects, commented on the event. “Over the past few days in various parts of the United States, from New England to the Gulf of Mexico, there was some rare halo combined other similar phenomena – sun pillars and sun dog.”

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