Hunting scenes in the Bulgarian Magura cave

Magura caveThus failed to demonstrate how data from other studies can be used in the “genetic archaeology.” The size of the gap between the branches and the length of each branch on the family tree of Y-chromosome can be a lot to tell.

The closer the branches, the faster the population expanded and divided – most likely in different geographic areas. The longer the leg, the longer the groups were divided.

“We have always believed that the human migration out of Africa was the largest expansion of the human population of the modern type, but now this postulate in question – said the study’s lead author Wei Wei of the Sanger Institute (UK) and West China University of Medical Sciences. – That is the largest expansion in geographical terms, but the second wave is associated with a much more robust growth in the number. ”

What is so going 40-50 thousand years ago? In archaeology there is no single answer. Perhaps the point is that, coming from Africa, people initially moved along the coastline of Asia to Australia and Europe, and then gradually adapted to the new environment and began to actively settle into the continent, where the abundance of resources and contributed to the wide open spaces of a population explosion.

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