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09 Nov

Origins of lifeScientific discoveries of human origins topic is confusing and unclear. Continued imposition in the public mind an erroneous theory of Darwin, although there is evidence for a long time scientists about its insolvency.

My proposed article is not for everyone, but only for people looking to learn the basics of truth that goes beyond our public understanding of the origin of life for existing and for the people in the scientific environment dogma stereotypical thinking completely ignores the cosmic and earthly power – information processes, which are the basis of life. People in the existing social system do not know much about the history of mankind, the ancient highly developed civilization, the knowledge of the ancient philosophers, to understand the world in a more holistic, on existing subtle worlds, our closest astral and mental dimensions, and most importantly – about his origins and life on Earth. Scientists in many experiments have shown that man is above all energy beings interacting with the world. huge hidden in man’s energy potential. Genes of human cells incorporated not only hereditary traits and diseases, and great personal program of life in terms of information, comparable to a large library consisting of thousands of volumes. And none of the scientists can not answer the question – how did these life programs for each person has their own, and the programs of all life on Earth. It is time to stop a fairy tale for adults about the spontaneous generation of human and earthly life. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to find a way to the truth when intentionally formed thousands of years in the minds of stereotypes of public opinion. scientists in the evolution of the Earth as stated – if proven fact that a part of the Paleozoic era of fish found in drying ponds and was confronted with the need to move from breathing gills to pulmonary respiration. That is, the fish had to learn how to breathe – another or die. Biologists believe that there is nothing unusual in this, that these changes took place over millions of years. Such a statement is not true, for when nature has in store for millions of years, there is no need to change. What should make the fish normally begin to rebuild their respiratory system and how it could happen? All these changes are not only genetic, genes changing codes and development. Once again we come to the programming of the living cell DNA. If scientists have proved the existence of genetic programming, that means there must be invisible to programmers.

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