Cleaning Tips for new constructions

30 Nov

wheelloadersThe new construction sites can be extremely dangerous. This occurs even after construction is completed in full. Always remains of materials that pose threats to people and to animals. This waste must be disposed of safely and as quickly as possible. There are several tips for cleaning the construction of a new site more quickly and safely.

Safety Equipment

Make sure you have the proper safety equipment when cleaning the site of a new building. Wear long pants and shirts with long sleeves. You must also bring hard-soled boots, steel toe, gloves and safety glasses at all times. Depending on the type of debris that purge will also need a dust mask (like a surgical mask). If construction continues, you may need earplugs.

Trash receptacles

Make sure you have the proper containers for trash. Consult local authorities about recycling laws. There may also be restrictions on where to dispose of hazardous materials such as nails, screws, insulation and other debris found in the sites of new construction.

Lifting techniques

You take care of your body and use the proper techniques for lifting. In that case you can use wheel loaders. Always lift with your legs and not your back. Take several charges instead of a single large. Ask for help if a piece is too heavy or bulky to upload that on your own.

Attention to detail

Be alert to small pieces of trash or debris. Look carefully small screws, nails and other sharp objects. Use a metal detector to help you find those objects, especially in grassy areas.

Get Help

Enlist the help of others. Make sure they understand the dangers of cleaning the site of a new building. Provide them with the proper safety equipment to safely clean. Show them proper lifting techniques and make use them at all times. You can use wheel loaders and backhoe loaders as a heavy construction equipment.

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