2012 – the parade of planets

29 Nov

parade of planetsPress Secretary Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov about what exactly will be 21 December 2012 in terms of astronomical events, we learn only when the date comes, and now it’s safe to say that there will be a small parade of planets. Let’s try to summarize the available evidence on this issue.

We are the closest to the edge of the galaxy. When looking at its center, we can see the constellation of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Dec. 21, the day of solstice, the sun passes through these constellations. We do not know how to line up the planets of other systems. This is wrong – do such forecasts, says Sergei Smirnov.

In the Pulkovo Observatory reported another interesting historical fact that in 1306, on the day the small parade of planets earth literally shook with convulsions than alarmed the then human civilization. Earth went from under my feet not because of local earthquakes, and for reasons of space scale.

Small parade of planets in 1306 did not destroy human civilization, but mortally scared her, showing the power of the processes on which humanity has no idea. In 1306, an earthquake in the south of the Caspian Sea, which will significantly raise the water level and part of the coastal land (now Baku) with Sabail lock back into the water.

In this regard, it is worth noting the fact that astronomers Mayans knew about the parade of planets, that only has to happen in December 2012 – a thousand years ago and how far civilization that mysteriously disappeared in the dark ages could make such accurate astronomical predictions can only guess.

December 21, 2012 – Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn will be very bright, lined up and will be clearly visible in the night sky of the Earth, said Smirnov. It should be noted that the same-Smirnov at a press conference in December 2011 to the reporter – Whether or not the end of the world? And if not, why not? Replied evasively, – With this question you need to turn to the Lord God.

Parade of planets or planets closer – is very rare, rare in terms of human life, but in the history of the earth is such a thing happened quite often. In consequence of this parade is the gravitational influence of the planets to the Sun, the impact on solar processes, and then – the transmission of the effects on the Earth.

The mechanism of solar activity to date is a mystery to scientists. According to some of them, it is associated with the action of the tides, which occur in the solar atmosphere as a result of combined effects of the gravitational force of the planets.

MayaIndian civilization of Central America, which existed in 2000 BC. For some reason, the largest Mayan city-kingdom suddenly declined. There are different versions of why it happened, and the last hypothesis voiced by scientists – a civilization destroyed drought which lasted several years, but the exact cause of it caused is not fully understood.

Where did the Mayan calendar, the science does not know, but scientists believe it was not invented by the Maya themselves, and he got it from the Olmecs – a civilization that existed in the same area before the Maya.

Olmecs, seems to have lived on the plateau of Monte Alban from 800 to 300 BC, and then were driven Zapotec. They built their pyramids, some of which were connected by underground tunnels. They also established a system for collecting rainwater tanks of water, which had a special meaning for the people who lived on the mountain top. Among other achievements can be mentioned Zapotec vertical pole, found in the temple, called the house with the letter P it was connected with astronomy: twice a year, in May and August, when the sun reaches its highest point, it covers the plate at the base of the pole.

But to accept this hypothesis as an indisputable fact impossible. Priests used the first cycle of 260 days. There are suggestions that match the growing season of ripening corn, but this is only speculation.

In the first millennium BC. e. there was one system: the 365-day solar calendar. Every four years, this cycle adds another day, as we have. Since that time, the Maya are two calendars, but only one in which the year is 260 days, is regarded by them as sacred.

Time in 52 years the same day, 260-day cycle coincides with the same day of the solar year, and it is considered as the basic unit of time. Finally, the priests with relatively complex calculations determine the start date of the world – about 3,100 a year. Why this date is also unknown.

Next they are purely mathematical way, attracting more and data on Venus, which is equal to 243 days of the year, going to infinity created a system consisting of even larger cycles of not hundreds, of thousands of years. In general, the Maya were adherents of various cycles that extended far beyond the limits of human life. For which they needed it – is unknown. And now, in December, ending the only one cycle and the next begins.

Sergey Smirnov: We endlessly call the observatory and asked about the invasion of the solar system, the brown dwarf star – the planet Nibiru. The name means god of war among the nations that existed in Mesopotamia five thousand years ago. Deity of terrible confusion, violence, and this was called by this name allegedly discovered in the 80’s of last century, U.S. satellite space object. Meanwhile in any astronomical maps it does not appear. And for the past 25 years, new astronomical catalogs, more accurate, but no brown dwarf, rush into the central region of the solar system, they are not fixed.

But alone configuration of the planets are very interesting, and they correlate with the numbers that appear in cycles and the Mayan calendar. For example, thirteen revolutions of Venus around the Sun correspond to eight revolutions of the Earth. Remember, in the Mayan calendar nonadministrative week? This is the number of golden ratio. 8 to 13 – a harmonious combination. Nostradamus, who, incidentally, was born in this month – December 14, 1503, – on such a combination of numbers drawn particular attention.

It also referred to the number of 3100 BC. About fifteen years ago, I proposed the concept of a large cycle – 4448 years. These cycles have been known Chaldean astrologer. So, in 1306 was the most powerful, most accurate parade of planets in the solar system. They lined up on the line. Subtract from that date the number, which I called, – 4448 – and you get 3143 BC. This date is just taken as a reference point in the Mayan calendar.

Now let us remember that it was when we clicked calendar August 19, 1991-th. I was going to Moscow by train. And entered the capital with tanks. There was a coup. In those days, we discussed with colleagues in Moscow these events, and I am ashamed to say that was just a parade of planets – not quite full, but the five bodies lined up on the same line.

December 21, 2012 on a straight line up, only four of the planet. But the earth is far from the parade, although the configuration is, of course, interesting.

Some also claim that in December 2012, will a rare astronomical event that happens once every 26,000 years: at the winter solstice, the sun will pass through the equator of the galactic center and begin a new galactic year duration of 26,000 solar years. Galactic Clock will be zero, and begin a new precession.

Indeed, now the Sun, from our point of view, as it is on the galactic axis. But galactic equator astronomers spent 60 years on the same line, and today – on the other. Moreover, the combination of the central axis of the Galaxy Sun began in 1980 and will continue through 2020, so any winter solstice in this period can be selected as the key.

In The Vatican – Latin Code can be read as follows:
First Sun. Matlaktili. Duration of 4008 years. People then eat the corn and were giants. Sun then ruined water (flood, flood). People then turned into fish. They say that only one couple, Nene and Tata, were saved, hidden under a large tree near the water. But also tell what saved seven couples who had taken refuge in a cave, as long as the water is gone. They re-peopled the earth and become gods for their people. The main goddess of this era was Chalchiutlike (The one in the jade skirt), the wife of Tlaloc.

“Second Sun”. Eekatl. Duration of 4010 years. People were eating wild fruits and were called akotsintli. Sun killed Eekatl, god of wind. People turned into monkeys and holding tree branches, survived. This happened in the year Lonely Dog. One couple, man and woman standing on a rock, were saved from the common fate. This era was known as the Golden Ages, and was regarded as the chief god of the wind god.

Third Sun. Teykviyauillo. Duration of the year 4081. Descendants of couples who had saved in the second epoch, eat the fruit tsinokoakok. The world has been destroyed by fire. This epoch was named Red Head, and the main god was the god of fire.

Fourth Sun. This era began 5026 years ago. At this time, was founded Tula. This era was known as black hair. People died of starvation after a fiery and bloody rain.

Maya believed that the microcosm is part of the macrocosm of the universe, and every person – part of creation. In turn, such a sense of unity of the world gave rise to the idea – I am you and you are me. No wonder the Maya pantheon were combined deity representing the opposing forces of nature. After all, the world of nature and humanity, in their view, is a kind of unity of opposites that complement each other, both day and night. Besides these opposites with property into each other as the night inevitably gives way to the day, and vice versa. In the same way people are born, die and be replaced by others are born dead, generations successive generations.

Like the Aztecs, the Mayans believed. That is up to them there were other worlds. Then the gods created the first of the ancient people of clay, and then – out of wood. These ancient people were not able to cultivate the land and serve the gods victims. Therefore, they were destroyed by the gods, and the few that were still alive, turned into monkeys and were saved from destruction, as hanging in the trees.

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