Underground secret mountain Tavros

16 Oct

secret mountainMore mountains are hidden in its depths some secrets. However, they all do not go to any comparison with the fact that in a few years people have built in a rocky mountain thicker Tavros that stands above the picturesque bay of Balaklava Crimea.

The name of this object may seem longish, but it exhaustively transmits its essence: “It is a secret anti-nuclear structure of the first category (ie, withstand a direct hit by a 100-kiloton nuclear bomb. – Comm.’s) Designed to cover small and medium submarines their dock repair and restoration, as well as their personnel.

” Once it was based submarines with nuclear torpedoes and cruise missiles on board, and today is the Naval Museum complex “Balaklava.” Best Cold War monument just think!

In response to the sinister plans

After the Second World War, former allies of the anti-Hitler coalition – the USSR and the USA – without agreeing on spheres of influence, we decided to make this section of the world is through force. Americans have before us the advantage that already has nuclear weapons, and therefore a new war, they decided to plan with the use of nuclear weapons. One after another appeared sinister plans to attack the USSR, “Bushveker-1947” and “Bushveker-1948”, “Kronkshaft”, “Ofteks-1949” and “Dropshot” – the most thoughtful and wide-ranging. In accordance with nuclear strikes against the Soviet Union had to be applied not only by the Strategic Air Command, and aircraft from aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean Sea. Naturally, the Soviet admiral immediately felt it necessary to have in this case is well protected shelter for its submarines, the decision on the construction of which was taken in 1952. On the construction of the object is 322 million rubles, and its floor space was to be 15,000 square meters.

“The dream of Captain Nemo ‘

It was assumed that a new military facility will not only repair and technical structure, but also an arsenal, but also serve as a nuclear shelter for thousands of people – residents of Balaklava. In 1956, under the personal direction of NS Khrushchev, the construction connected metroprohodchiki, so work was done around the clock. The fact that it was for work, according to the following figures: only from the gallery, where it was planned to hold the channel for submarines, the builders removed over 200,000 cubic meters of rock (about 40,000 heavy Kamaz). Concrete vaults and walls of the object were on average five-foot thick, and the mountain formations on the construction – 126 meters.

The result is a channel, arranged in an arc of 30 degrees and cut through the mountain. Entrance and exit from the gate securely closed with concrete (or caisson) weighing 120 tonnes – the “North” and 150 tons – “South”. They protect objects of an atomic warhead capacity of 100 kilotons, which is four and a half times more powerful than the bombs that were dropped in 1945 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Inside this man-made caves were numerous sealed doors of different thicknesses, allowing to completely isolate one part of the object from the other.

When construction was completed in 1962, in the depths of the underground fortress was possible to hide a nuclear strike nine small or seven medium diesel submarines, along with their crews and a supply of fuel and ammunition. As you know, Captain Nemo, the hero of Jules Verne, liked to hide in his “Nautilus” in various underwater caves, but of such a refuge, he could only dream of!

Arsenal for the apocalypse

Warehouse for the storage of nuclear weapons submarines – as cruise missiles and torpedoes – was commissioned in 1963. And the entrance and exit from the arsenal of a water channel in the direction of defending resistant and hermetically closed gate, which together with the lock chambers ensure protection of personnel from all the injurious effects of a nuclear explosion. Weight only one gate was 10 tons, and its thickness was 60 centimeters. Doors made of steel weighed 480 pounds each. Served in the arsenal only warrant officers and officers gave a subscription “to disclose.” Nuclear warheads were transported on a special cart by hand (!), And its wheels to protect against static electricity were trimmed with brass. Because today in the “anti-nuclear facilities” museum, and this same cart, and much more can now be seen as an exhibit. Thus in the storage area of ??conventional and nuclear weapons there are two museum exhibitions, “History and Development of the Naval Force of Ukraine” and “torpedo armament.”

In an enclosed space, what was the storage of nuclear weapons, there was a risk of natural static electricity. Therefore, the entire staff worked in special clothes and shoes, the soles of which pierced thin copper wire. Control work was threefold: first, each operation blurts, then follow with sound ongoing actions, and then another and recorded in a special register, so any kind of error is excluded in principle.

“The enemy will not break!”

Outside the object itself had a powerful security system, four rows of barbed wire, held around the mountain. In the second row were laid mines signal, and also the first electric current was passed. For shooters envisaged trenches and concrete pillboxes, and in the case of capture enemy sanctuaries it is mined and eroded, which all along the walls of the gallery water channel by a nuclear storage were pre arranged special rectangular slot tolovyh checkers.

Natural final

What happened to the object on the Balaklava, or as a regular not name. Old boats, for which it was built, were removed from service, and the new – as if that could not be predicted in advance – here is not fit because of the impressive size. And it so happened that cater to the underground base, hundreds of millions of people who have eaten rubles was just nothing. Neither the Russian submarines or only Ukrainian submarine repaired here now could not, and ended up the equipment complex was dismantled and removed. Of course, if we had all of the same political system, with the cost of upgrading asylum would not be considered. But in 1991-1994, it became clear that the Cold War – now belong to history, so that from this expensive exercise economy of both Russia and Ukraine, it is saved. It was only in 2003, after the establishment on the basis of “top secret anti-nuclear facilities” Naval Museum here again came life.

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