Total solar eclipse of 13/14 November 2012

11 Oct

solarThe solar eclipse will be in Northern Australia, Queensland, Cairns city – the only major city in which the moon is completely closes Sun.

Star, hiding his positive energy for a moment, certainly will have an impact on all who live on earth, but it is true, to varying degrees.

As I have repeatedly written about the effects of a solar eclipse, recall and now – do not think that it is time the eclipse brings negative or irreversible event. Certainly, in the day of the eclipse, the day before and the day following the increased accident risk, as well, and generally in the days of the new moon. Chances attempts robbery ATM or bank branches in small towns where such attempts have been made a year ago.

Eclipse brings news, especially for the regions of the Arab world, connected with the endless changes in the life of the Arab countries. But since eclipse will affect the next 4 years, then these “news” we gradually get used to.

Responsibility and commitment – these two components are the result of the eclipse, which directly affected our life. All the obligations and responsibilities for their implementation will fall on the head of the newly-elected Supreme Soviet of Ukraine and, unfortunately, these commitments are not happy, but on the contrary – a difficult issue.

In the spring 2013 popular discontent of living, the price of staple foods, the approved budget, etc. create problems in the newly elected legislature.

The main “severity” of the eclipse has in April – May 2013.

As the eclipse passes under the motto: “Freedom at any cost” (if you do have a motto eclipse) in the spring of next year, we should expect loud and tumultuous events on the review of cases involving arrests (legal and illegal sentence at), some cases will be reviewed (but not completely). In Prison likely discontent content and Power prisoners there is a threat of riots, but to an extreme yet not come. There will be a number of high-profile graft scandal revelations from among high-ranking officials; high-profile court cases on this issue.

The main ruler of this solar eclipse – Saturn, in exaltation, the strongest of their essentiality dignity. Will require all disciplines, austerity, and if someone goes out of control Saturn – will receive “on a cap.” Speeding in his dissatisfaction, he Saturn will set their own rules even for 4 years.

We feel the influence of Saturn, as the master of the eclipse, the changeable weather with strong winds; increase in illegal activities, especially among young people, the infectious disease, which is difficult to diagnose (it is spring 2013), and the religious controversy, which are inevitable in the coming year 2013.

Apart from the foregoing, it should be noted that the eclipse effect on the financial sector, and immediately begin to decline after October deposit rates, but it will increase the term for placement their depositors savings in banks. This action is not profitable for customers, advise 7 time to think – and then decide on deposits.

The crisis of 2008 is not over, it continues to “gain momentum” and the solar eclipse in November 2012 will encourage many countries to the deterioration of their economic situation. Greece, no one can keep “afloat” and the euro currency does not match the fundamentals of the economy of this country. The same thing happens with the other countries of Southern Europe. But what are we in Greece, if they themselves are exacerbated problems with the deterioration of the hryvnia. Fluctuations of the hryvnia lead to a decrease in the purchasing power of citizens. Falling prices for second homes and buildings. But if you have the opportunity to wait for the acquisition of property – do not rush. The gradual but steady reducing the cost per square meter in the next 3-4 years to the minimum, just like in 2004 – guaranteed.

Eclipse negative for those born in late October (after the 27th) – the first of November each year. These people may feel discomfort in the kidneys, urinary system. The next two years are likely neoplasm’s in these organs. Promptly contact your doctor. But this does not mean that all were born in these numbers should be ill.

And another unpleasant detail that will bring solar eclipse. This increase in the number of divorces, or trying to “live separately,” especially those who are born in the spring (late April-early May) and fall (late October-early November).

Pay attention to your health, and be optimistic. Eclipses occur regularly, but it does not mean that we should live with the negative thoughts and bad moods.
“Still no pessimist not penetrate into the secrets of the stars, the earth did not open unknown and opened the new heaven human spirit.” These are the words deaf-blind American writer, teacher and public worker Helen (Ellen) Adams Keller. And what can we then

The total solar eclipse of 13/14 November 2012 is a 22gr Scorpio degree unstable situation in life, adversity, exile, madness and violent death. His symbol-images: Feed or Avalanche.


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