The story of the king who wanted to be a god and king of the gods

20 Oct

KingMiracle was unbridled vanity Commagene king – Antiochus. The young king’s maternal line was a descendant of Alexander the Great, and on my father’s side came from the Persians, belonged to a noble Achaemenid dynasty.

The king was very young and very proud. He sincerely believed himself a man of quite exceptional, uniting in his person, and Darius, and Alexander, and therefore born for great things, and even immortality.

But how to implement the proud dream, if everyone in your ruling – it’s just a few thousand merchants and farmers? They are not able to exploit, and the neighbors are not impressed with: a Roman legion would be enough to wipe out all the kingdom of Antiochus.
King passed the bustling narrow streets of the capital of his empire, and the merchants obediently fell down … And life went on …
And Antiochus declared himself a god.
The subjects took this news calmly and with restraint. They did not mind. Subject to the usual king or the king immortal – virtually no difference.

History Commagene gods was not easy. On the one hand, the Greeks brought with them to Kommagene cult of Zeus, Apollo, Fortuna. On the other hand – and the Persian people worshiped gods – Ahura and Mithra. Uniting these gods acquired additional names, and each god has represented several. It was very comfortable and the people of the kingdom of trade, which once had to go into the theological questions, and the few priests who with every god and received bribes from the fans of his first name, and the second from the fans, and fans of the third.

Antiochus, after he managed to conclude a truce with the Romans, and those left alone his tenure, including himself to the main gods. Now, this event had to capture the centuries.

The king went all-in. He laid some of their holdings, sold the family jewels and ornaments, collected extraordinary taxes from his people and ordered the construction of the sanctuary of all the gods on Mount Nimrud, which towers over the capital Samosata. The king immediately came up with a label for his sanctuary: “I, Antioch, built this temple to celebrate myself and my gods.”

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