The future of our planet

 planetThe future of our planet. Information was obtained in an explanation of galactic and spiritual beings, and by the method of time travel. Altogether about 10 different sources. They all support the upcoming changes, sometimes to varying degrees, and time frame.

Instead of the conventional transcription, I decided to compile the data for period of time, but I want to draw your attention to the fact that not all operators have shown exactly the same future, so much is still in question, and it depends on our free will, and many other factors.

The terminology in the mixed paper, maybe, information was obtained from different levels, but not in the terminology of this is about.

End of November – beginning of December 2012:
Home universally-tangible energy flow. Now if people are already feeling some of the symptoms , but are still in the process of misunderstanding, often throwing the blame on the antics of health, then at this time these people will become so numerous that a state of denial is no longer possible. In addition, on an intuitive level, we will feel the approach of a great something, so talk of man-made disasters and mass deaths due to a sharp jump in energy is not quite appropriate.

About 21 December (sometimes indicated 3-5 days earlier / later):

Flash, the passage of the beam, energy wall, wave (hereinafter in any variation) – the main event.
The peak will be in the day or a little earlier, there will be a push by the Transformation.

On the way the solar system trajectory is a ray of light, in which we have long been entered but not yet reached the main effect. Here’s one line of dialogue about this:
From the conversation with the captain a spaceship :
B: and he can tell us something about the transition that we promise?
A: asked about the transition from know?
B: Well, there is such information … from different sources …
A: The people will be lighter … enlightenment …
Q: and what time frame?
A: The wave is coming …
Q: Yes, but it is still not very noticeable, whether strong jolt?
A: Yes.
Q: When?
A: The end of the year.
Q: What he is is what mechanism is used?
A: I see is a wave of energy, like when a nuclear bomb explodes, is the visible air wave … but in this case it is not an explosion, just like, as a wave of light .. encircles the planet …
B: a source of its what?
A: The source of hard … very huge … planet crashes into a semi-transparent wall … comes in waves … immerses us … all …

Ray, in view of which we get, is not from the central sun of the galaxy, as described in many sources, but from some of the larger sub-Logos, responsible for several galaxies at the same time. At least as shown by the study. The role of this entity is similar to the universal computer and she says for many millions of stars and planets. According to information received from the Centre that the upcoming transformation is pre-set and subjected him to all the planets in our solar system.

Were given several descriptions of this entity with enormous potential. They range from the giant star (star clusters) to the energy sector dull yellow, emitting a beam in our direction. That’s part of the dialogue conducted with the essence of emitter:

Q: can you see that in the beam, we will go in December?
A: The shorter this ray – and energy, and light, and also the sound is very loud … very complex vibrations … silver-gray-transparent color … is a catalyst for the passage of certain development programs.
Q: What is it?
A: For example, the tree usually grows in 50 years, but with dostatochnh fertilizers, and can grow over 25. Passage of the beam can be considered as a fertilizer for the evolution of consciousness, where the meaning and timing of passage programs are changing for the better, as the absorption of information …
B: a beam with a source you can talk to, to ask him?
A: The information in it is not passed, ask first question …
B: well, if mankind does its evolutionary task?
A: bad, says, does, with a very great loss of souls … was charged with more hope, and we do not condone …
Q: And they have for this angry?
A: (laughs) they will have to supplement the losses from outside …
Q: how is it?
A: in the information field of the earth, the matrix will be used to further the program, more powerful and more complicated than the previous …

Q: What was planned Earth Science Experiment? that we should have done according to plan?
A: I could be wrong, but it was originally conceived so that by the end of the 12th year, people had to get to a sufficient level of consciousness to all go to pyatimerie …
Q: but we also have a negative impact, such as gray? why are they allowed to do this?
A: By design: the people themselves had to understand that gray tempt them. respectively, were improved, and we have started to be carried out on this divorce …
Q: And this is only the fifth race, or even before it?
A: in the fourth, too, was something, but not gray, something similar … Gray then later flown to the fifth race …
Q: good. his vision to a new level? what it would be like from their point of view, as will appear?
A: This is programmed … Picture this, a man standing on a wind. some particles are blown away, while others stick to the contrary. and converts it …
Q: OK. How many planets in the physical solar system?
A: The answer in my head at once – nine, but I could be wrong …
Q: will the planets in our system to create or remove?
A: The plan to remove those that are on the energy plan are now …
Q: ie it doubles the planet?
A: They are located in a different metric, we can not see them.
Q: OK, but what about Nibiru can say is that?
A: shows that it sooooo far … fairly large planet, but its approach to land is not even scheduled … here’s the answer.
Q: And how do we know about it at all?
A: Well, it’s pouring, as always … came up with …
Q: Who is gray?
A: No, this is some aliens flew …
Q: OK, and the role of this source, which is saying it only applies to our solar system, or beyond, too? and what is the essence of all, is its role?
A: Well then how … Here, for example around our sun our planet fly around the planets and their moons, and our galaxy is flying around this spring …
Q: ie it is the center of the universe?
A: No, he is also revolves around something …
B: that is, it is one of the logos?
A: Yes, something like that … but the terminology here is not entirely clear … and the role it … the closest comparison – a processor in a supercomputer …
B: that is, to calculate the reality?
A: yes … it’s there, it’s here, logistics power, the compiler …
Q: OK, this question: How many evolutionary platforms identical earth?
A: is not that much, but the land is very unique … An analogy can be a spoiled child … good nature, many different kinds of life, a lot of opportunities … is similar, but there is less of it all …
Q: we are talking about 3 D, I understand you correctly?
A: So, basically, yes, but not only …
Q: some sources have infa about three days of darkness. What can you say about this?
A: meaning the darkness in people’s minds … He immediately made ​​it clear dark forehead in people … most, almost all, three days in a brain full prostration will be … as cellular memory machine, in short …
Q: And when will that be?

A: The reason it does not show the 21 th, and a little earlier … but we can not say for sure … for two or three days, it seems … intuition can make a panic … something strange … numbness in his head, maybe it’s because it shows me how it will be … yes, just shows … a sense of emptiness … even depression, you can say … presses his forehead as concrete all … eyes see, but the perception only on the animal level, creative thinking does not arise … like a dream feel, aloof … like a robot … cerebellum like a stone … numb unpleasant ….
B: a mind and realize we will be?
A: Yes, we will
In all the planets of our system are changing, or just you?
A: Yes, all
B: a life on all planets?
A: Yes, but only on the physical. on the energy anymore.
Q: good. he has anything to add?
A: No … except that everything has already been decided, will be something that will …

Of course, the conversation does not go up with the set of entities inter-galactic sub-logos (the Self), but only one of his pieces, giving us time, but the information on it is unlikely to distort, not counting the possible addition of an operator in deciphering sent thoughtforms .

Transition sources describe everything their own way and sometimes with some variation, but it is always about improving the functions of the body in general, and the senses. In cosmic shower make the connection with her, will improve the sense of smell, hearing, and vision.

Was an example of the language: if you had a person needed a few years to learn English, but now the same process will take several weeks. Memory will return some of the previous incarnations. The soul of the other worlds and solar systems will remember their mission on the ground and begin to implement it. This involves the discovery of new technologies and knowledge in general, hitherto hidden from the people for various reasons.

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