The Elders of Zion

ZionThe far-Greece “Golden Dawn”October 23, read out in parliament excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Kasidiaris Elias (Ilias Kasidiaris), the official representative of the “Golden Dawn”, read the nineteenth report of this book-

“To remove the image from the political prowess of the crime, we put him on trial, along with theft, murder and all sorts of abominable and filthy crime.

Then public opinion will merge in its submission that the category of crime with the disgrace of every other and will brand it in the same contempt. ”
Kasidiaris took this speech to Parliament during the debate on the removal of immunity in connection with allegations concerning the party members in the attack on workers. Greek Parliament adopted a decision to strip the parliamentary immunity of three members of the party Golden Dawn – George Germenisa, Panagiotis Ilias Iliopoulos and Kasidiarisa.

For this decision unanimously voted 220 voting members. Earlier relevant committee of Parliament endorsed the request by the police to prosecute MPs, who participated in early September in the dispersal of illegal migrants in the market.

Request of prosecuting these three persons in the Greek parliament passed the police on the basis of allegations of human rights organizations.

Therefore Kasidiaris Ilias said that against the party trying to hold political persecution and that the decision to lift immunity is dictated by foreign centers of power.

However, the popularity of the Golden Dawn civilians are increasingly gaining support voice. Recent opinion polls show that if parliamentary elections were held this weekend, the “Golden Dawn” would have been the third largest parliamentary faction.
Party “Golden Dawn” in the June elections won 7% of the vote and 18 seats in the 300-seat parliament. Golden Dawn requires immediate expulsion of all migrants. Representatives of the parties do not recognize the existence of the “Holocaust.” Party leader Nikos Mihalolyakos last weekend publicly welcomed supporters Nazi salute.

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