“Sandy” was the most devastating disaster for the “underground” for all 108 years of its existence

Hurricane “Sandy” that hit the East Coast of the U.S., has brought unprecedented destruction. Were inundated many coastal cities left without electricity for more than 8 million people.

On the coast disrupted rail service, canceled more than 16 thousand flights. Damage, according to preliminary estimates, could reach $ 20 billion.

New York City – the largest American cities – has become a ghost town. Metro does not work, does not go above-ground public transportation, closed bridges, tunnels and road sections. Wind felled hundreds of trees, street signs and billboards. Despite the fact that now the rain had stopped and the wind almost died down, the streets of Manhattan is almost deserted, even on the few tourists always bustling Times Square.

Schools do not work, shut down all three airport, canceled sporting and entertainment events. The second day in a row do not work marketplaces. This is the first time since 1888, when the New York Stock Exchange is closed for two days due to weather. Most private companies and government agencies do not allow their employees to go to work. “We knew that this storm will be very dangerous, and he lived up to our worst expectations,” – said New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sandy” left without electricity for the entire southern Manhattan. All in all the different areas of the city because of the continuity of power lines and crash on one of the city’s substations light is still there in about 500 thousand people. According to authorities, the full restoration of power supply may take a week.

In New York, it was also recorded flooding – the water level in low-lying areas of the city went up to four meters According to transport authorities, “Sandy” was the most devastating disaster for the “underground” for all 108 years of its existence. As expected, the removal of water from the seven tunnels will take a few days. Meanwhile, the water began to decrease gradually from the lower part of Manhattan.

More than 200 patients were evacuated from a hospital at New York University in Manhattan after they refused to back-up generator power.

In waterlogged Hurricane “Sandy” the New York borough of Queens burned more than 80 homes. To fight the fire were thrown about 200 settlements. As a result, emergency injuring two people. Cause of the fire is not yet known.

In another New York borough – Staten Island – storm stranded large, water-filled tanker. Over a third of the housing 50-meter vessel is now lying on the ground a few meters from the road. As a result, emergency no one was injured in the storm on board the tanker no people.

In the heart of New York City, across from the famous concert hall of Carnegie Hall, because of strong winds broke off a crane boom. According to city officials, injured in the incident, no. Nearby streets are blocked due to the threat of falling cracked structure, the residents of nearby buildings were evacuated. In addition, due to strong winds partially collapsed four-storey residential building facade on Eighth Avenue.

The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie flew by helicopter hit areas and called the destruction of a staff unprecedented. At one point, the storm burst dam. As a result of rampant disaster flooded city Munachi, Little Ferry and Karlstad. The level of water in them one and a half meters. In addition, the tidal wave washed away with 24 railway cars.

U.S. President Barack Obama declared states of New York and New Jersey a disaster area. This gives the victim of a stroke, “Sandy” State residents the opportunity to receive assistance from the federal budget.

Hurricane victims are already 17 people in the states of New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and West Virginia. Among the dead – a woman who was on board sank in a hurricane zone British sailing ship “Bounty”. She was found unconscious in a few hours and later died in hospital. Fourteen of the 16 crew members were quickly evacuated. Find the ship’s captain is still ongoing.

According to the National Center for monitoring hurricanes, now “Sandy” moved to Pennsylvania and continues to move inland, bringing strong winds, heavy rain and even snow. Wind speed at the center of the storm was about 105 miles per hour. As expected, the inclement weather on the East Coast will continue until Tuesday evening, local time.

“Sandy” has made adjustments to the campaign in the U.S., which is currently in the final stages – before the election is only one week. President Barack Obama canceled the scheduled start of the week to meet with voters and returned to Washington to coordinate the efforts of the central government ministries and agencies to counter the impact of elements. Prior to the elections he must show himself strong leader and prevent failures in government. His rival Mitt Romney also canceled planned campaign events.

Earlier, the “Sandy” hit Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas, bringing considerable damage and resulting in the death of over 60 people.

Meanwhile, as reported by a correspondent. ITAR-TASS news agency in Rome Vera Shcherbakov, the Italian national airline “Alitalia” canceled all flights today in New York. Passengers are advised to call a special “help line.” Company representatives also communicate with their customers, informing the next departures and possible alternative routes, if New York – not the final destination. Also today, were canceled flights to New York-“American Airlines” / American Airlines / and “Delta” / Delta /, as well as in Philadelphia – “JUS Airways” / US Airways /.

As expected, the metropolitan government offices will resume on 31 October. This correspondent. ITAR-Tass reported today in the waiting room by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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