Fake gold sweep the world

Manhattan were discovered gold bars filled with tungsten. The scandal with the tungsten-filled gold began to grow exponentially when the investigation Australian channel Seven News found 300 fake gold bullion weight Perth Mint and the Chinese factory producing fake gold. Investigating the incident were able to buy 300 gold ingots produced in China 1oz total… Read more Fake gold sweep the world

Spanish farmers suspected of causing earthquakes

The Earthquake which occurred May 11, 2011 near the Spanish town of Lorca, could be triggered by farmers draining groundwater aquifers. The work of scientists published in Nature Geoscience, she is also devoted to the editorial of the magazine. To establish changes in the earth’s crust, which occurred as a result of the May earthquake,… Read more Spanish farmers suspected of causing earthquakes

Armageddon virus

Armageddon virus will not fight The so-called Armageddon virus, which, according to British scientists may soon destroy the entire population of the earth is very old and does not represent any particular risk. The myth of the Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever debunked head of the Laboratory of Applied Ivanovsky Virology RAMS Alex Zaberezhny. “The virus that… Read more Armageddon virus

Hunger will extend the life

Southwestern Medical Center University of Texas found that the hunger hormone significantly increases life span of mice. In this case, do not even need to actually limit their caloric. “Restriction of food intake, as has previously been shown to prolong the lives of various species of animals.

The detection of cells in the remains of dinosaurs

American paleontologist Mary Schweitzer made an amazing discovery. Studying the microscope piece dinosaur bones, she noticed red blood cells. It seemed quite impossible- The organic remains could not survive in the process of fossilization. But the test of the test said that the spherical formations were really red blood cells Tyrannosaurus rex died 67 million… Read more The detection of cells in the remains of dinosaurs

Next month will one solar and one partial lunar eclipse.

Told APA Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory named after N. Tusi National Academy of Sciences, the solar eclipse will occur on November 14 from 4:44 to 23:39 Baku time. This is a natural phenomenon in Azerbaijan will not occur. A partial lunar eclipse will happen on 28 November, 16:18 to 20:51. Lunar eclipse in Azerbaijan will be… Read more Next month will one solar and one partial lunar eclipse.