Natural Anomalous zones

18 Oct

Natural BeautyNatural Anomalous zones has become a tradition to call large or small area, some land or water elements that are in different parts of the world and characterized by a large number of events that can not give a scientific explanation.

In anomalous zones are unexplained things, time changes its course, home to strange creatures – phantoms happen miraculous healing or a person perceives the punishment for certain actions. Some people bypass their tenth party, the other drawn there like a powerful magnet.

Activity of the anomalous zones and anomalous entities may depend on various factors. For example, the time of year, time of day, or even the moon. There is no clear definition – for each source of the anomalous zone of activity may be your own.

The origin of natural areas as well is hardly certain. The most popular and widespread anomalous zones – natural origin, often occur on the ground faults, causing a change of the magnetic field. There are also “water.” For example, the legendary “Bermuda Triangle”, which knows almost everyone on the planet. Appearance of anomalous zones may also contribute some events that have a strong emotional coloring that can not “forget” the land.

Island – the specter of Mexico

Cut off from civilization, the scary island. The island with the terrifying dolls. They collected more than a hundred here, in memory, and to soothe the souls of the little girl who drowned in the lake. Surprisingly, the reclusive man who collected these dolls, a few years later, drowned in the same lake, the same place where the girl drowned.

The Dancing Forest

Mystery of modern science. Another well-known anomalous zone of major proportions. Here the trees seemed to dance, forming the most intricate shapes and loops. Hence the name.

In order to explain the reason for this strange “behavior” of the trees, people invented a legend that says that the dancing forest grew where once loved to play the lyre is a beautiful girl, who so wanted to prove the existence of the Christian God.

In fact, these trees were planted in 1961, and this was once an ordinary forest. Only a few years later, began to occur anomalies of this kind. They say that the reason for this was an unusual glare that seems to have extraterrestrial origins. The locals here have seen some, like the Zeppelin facility, and after – the forest began to glow. After the incident, there began to grow strange plants – an unusual and strangely bent grass trees.

What is the impact on forest health and the human psyche – is unknown. Some people are afraid of the forest, while others, on the contrary, believe that it can positively affect health.

Envaitenet – an island that has a bad name

The territory of the abnormal area can take from a few meters to many kilometers, absorbing in its depths, capturing even the whole island. That is what happened to the island Envaitenet. Island, I have, in the world, a bad name.

Even his name, by itself, is very eloquent – Envaitenet translated as “irrevocable.” For decades the island remains deserted, abandoned by people as it is considered an enchanted.

It started many years ago. Know the history of 1935, when two scientists – anthropologists have disappeared here forever. Then, in spite of all the attempts to find people and failed, and the cause of their disappearance has remained a mystery.

This is not the only story. For many years there disappeared and people died. Those who went in search of the missing, too, invariably died.

One day the whole village has sunk into oblivion. There, where a few hours there were people still dying fire and lay the remains of a half-eaten dinner, but people have disappeared in an unknown direction. The search yielded nothing, but every stone of the island was re-scanned.

No one knows why there is a way going on. People come up with a variety of explanations. Some believe that the tragedy of revenge on the island are witches, disturbed by intruders. Others believe that people turn here in huge snakes that a great many on the island. Still others believe that the shape of the island resembles a woman’s silhouette, and it is this “woman” took away men first, and then their families. Many versions, but which one is true, no one can say for sure.

Tribe Elmoto

The tribe that lives on the island, was on the verge of extinction. As in the song, which tells about the “island of bad luck,” all sorts of people are constantly harassed unhappiness. They are the victims of disaster, appearing out of nowhere the military, and just going crazy with an unknown gas, under the influence of which were thrown into the lake water and died. They had no choice but to draw conclusions and, abandoning all, escape, only to aimlessly, away from the enchanted island.

As though it may be, and whatever your reasons, all the houses on the island and has been abandoned for over thirty years here no one wants to live. The island have not gone before, but because a large number of divorced semi-wild goats. Hundreds of them roaming the cliffs in search of food. There are not even willing to hunt for goats in this godforsaken place, but because goats peacefully coexist here with snakes and crocodiles, to themselves.

But to return to Russia, but rather to her heart – Moscow. In Moscow, too, a lot of abnormal disturbances. Here is a short list of the most well-known anomalies of the capital:

1. “Park Terrible”
Ivan the Terrible – a person is truly known and very mysterious. It is said that his ghost still lives in the vicinity of the Kremlin and scare visitors.
2. Ghost Train.
Perhaps familiar to most residents of Moscow. Once a month, after midnight, in the ring line, you can observe this wonderful phantom. Completely empty, without a passenger train without opening the doors, methodically stopping at each station along the way. The cabin – poluchelovek dressed in vintage form. Local residents believe that the passengers of the train – it’s restless souls of people who died during the construction of the underground. Only occasionally can be seen as the train doors opened, but God forbid they go to a live person.
3. Limousine once owned by Beria.
In the Garden Ring, most often in the fall, not just repeated the same thing. People have seen the small points of light of headlights, heard the sound of the brakes, the sound of a door opening and invisible people who lead a peaceful conversation with each other. All young girls are warning that if they do in offering a ride on the night Moscow to agree in any case it is not necessary.
4. Bibliologist, known by the name Rubakin.
Personality, well-known metropolitan librarians. This is a good ghost to help you find the right book, if you ask him about it. They say that when in the quiet of the empty hall library heard a slight rustle of steps to stand still, looking at the book, and to hold my breath so as not to disturb the ghost. Otherwise, he would get angry and never will support the sensational librarian disrespect.
5. Politicians Ogarev and Herzen.
Two people who have vowed to join the fight against autocracy. You can meet them in the Sparrow Hills, they appear in these parts warm summer nights, dressed in naryady19 century. It’s good spirits. Bring good luck to those who meet them.
6. Kusovnikov old.
On it there is a legend. In short – this is a greedy wealthy old man, one who lost his wealth. To this day, he sticks with questions passersby, asking them about the same, “where is my money?”. It is believed that the meeting promises to unforeseen costs.
7. Cat “Behemoth.”
Perhaps the most famous ghost town. Considered. That is what the cat described Bulgakov in his legendary book. Cat takes a walk on the same route. On the odd side of Tverskaya Street, twice a month, on the odd numbers, walks this big black cat. Cat crossing the road in the same place, and disappears into the wall of the building. It is assumed that the road and the building – the last he saw the cat in your life, or, simply, is that the person had him dear and beloved. Be that as it may, the cat so common people. He even entered now in the “Handbook of ghosts.”
8. Black Monk.
“Unique” phantom that appears during the day and not in the evening or at night, as it is in “decent” phantoms. Besides, are not afraid of animals and birds. To avoid trouble, you can not holler monk and talk to him.
9. Fatal ghost mother.
Phantom women, contributing to numerous accidents. Once this car hit a pregnant woman, and now she takes revenge drivers. People who survive, they say that before the accident, heard a quiet lullaby.
10. Grey crew.
Ghost, known to people for over two centuries. Moreover, they say that it will change its shape in order to conform the present. At the moment the ghost appears as a gray car inexpensive brand. Unusually low price for the services – the first sign that the man in front of a ghost. If used in such a driver, you can disappear in an unknown direction.
11. Juju.
Charming mistress Morozov, originally from France, who avenges the newspaper people for many years. All because one day he heard a newsboy advertises article to sell the press, she jumped out of the carriage, in order to make a purchase, and died on the road.
12. Vladimir’s murderer.
Anomalous zones are often considered different road sections. They draw their sad statistics of accidents or, as in this case, the “local” ghosts, is the driver. There is a ghost at the Gorky highway. Drivers say that at the edge of the route often votes terrible, poorly dressed man, reminiscent of a beggar. If you look closely, you can see how weird he dragged his leg, as if the shackles prevent a person from moving around. If any of the drivers stopped, the man bends over and says to the driver each time a very strange phrase: “Forgive me, my good man.” According to legend, the ghost known killer – a convict, has ruined more than one hundred people and died without repentance. It is said that only one right answer: “God will forgive.” If you do not respond, or insult a phantom, he may become angry and make an accident at this location.
13. Headless phantom family Khovanskys.
Back in the 17th century, by order of the princess, the father and son family Khovanskys beheaded. Their bodies were not buried by all the customs, and just got rid of in a swampy marsh. Soon, people began to hear strange, frightening cries of this swamp, and the road began to appear phantoms. Phantoms ask for one and the same – go to the princess, and put in a good word for them. They bow drivers, like removing caps from the shoulders their heads.

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