Living Stones among us

StoneThe surrounding nature life glimmers in all including the Earth itself, the other planets in the Solar System and the Sun, as well as distant stars and planets in the universe, including the movement of the stones in the space of the cosmos.

Therefore, as I see it, the most common everywhere and all life forms were based on … silicon and calcium. This flint-calcium inhabited world is familiar with stones from the sand to the multi-ton boulders and high mountains. Representatives of flint-calcium world transformed into plants and animal skeletons, including corals.

Stones may not live on their own, but are part of the “body” of the planet and perform their specific functions. This was a lot of us, or just do not realize or disagree. But individual observation and inquisitive minds of researchers over the past century have revealed a number of interesting cases in the life of stones – the first settlers of the Earth.

For example, in the U.S. state of California in the United States National Wildlife Refuge “Death Valley” rocks the size of a small pebble to a boulder weighing half a ton make strange walking along the bottom of a dried-up lake Restreyk-playa (Racetrack Playa). This is the hottest place on Earth. Thus, the temperature of 50 degree Celsius held here in 1917 for 43 days. Stones move individuals and groups slowly, sometimes zigzag, breaking dozens of meters of road and leaving clearly visible tracks in the sand. They do not roll, do not rotate, but crawling on the surface, leaving a uniform furrows, as if some invisible pulls them along. Boulders and the wind, and climb up slightly tilted surfaces. Move troubled boulders repeatedly tried to fix the personnel but to no avail: the people can not even catch boulders in time of travel. However, observers should deviate slightly to the side, away from the object of his observation, as they begin to move – sometimes up to half an hour.

Since the early 1950s, will map the following motion Reystrekskih stones. Graduate student at New York University in the area of earth sciences and environmental issues Paula Messina, together with his colleague Phil Stoffer in 1996 made their first detailed maps with the latest computer technology. Each of the 162 boulders and tracks their movements were photographed and filmed their coordinates. The longest track was found in the dolomite stone the size of a pebble – it extends as a nearly straight line for 900 meters. The average length of the trail is about 200 meters. The resulting map revealed a high degree of consistency of the direction of the next movement (rocks mostly slide on the north and north-east). Straightness and length of the trace does not depend on the size and shape of the stones, and the geographical location the beginning of movement. The general analysis of the relief of the valley have shown that there are two natural corridor discharged in air masses that in some places the penetration becomes turbulent. That terrain and air flow, according to researcher, determined the character of the next movement, and not the properties of the stones themselves. But so far none of the scientists did not see how glide “creep” rocks of Death Valley …

Many travelers and stones in the area of so-called Grand Canyon. By the way, in this canyon almost no vegetation, as moving back and forth all the pebbles plowed in its path. And in England in Wales periodically crawls to the sea shore stone of King Arthur, whose mass is 25 tons (4 m in length and 2 in width, 2.5 in height), that, according to local residents, “drink” salt water. Today, he is the subject of tourist attraction in Wales.

There are those who, on the contrary, do not want to move. In the English county of Essex in the Second World War buried in the ground granite boulder was moved to the side of the expanding road bulldozer. Magazines and newspapers of the time wrote that the church bell tower, which was empty and locked themselves began ringing bells, heavy logs and tools were flying through the air. Residents of villages along with the builders of the stone back in its original place, performing the relevant ancient magic rituals. And all was quiet.

While scientists argue, the people in the stories, legends, fairy tales speaks of “animation” stones. In Cornwall, there is a complex Dancing Stones. It consists of 19 rocks, set at regular intervals around the perimeter of a circle 25 meters in diameter, and also includes two menhir – standing stones of four and five feet high, set four miles from the “dance” of the stone circle. Legend says about gay girls who in the old days with two bagpipers all Sunday danced and had fun, and did not go to church, and as punishment for this girl turned into a stone circle, and two Piper froze near them standing stones. In 1907, an Englishman bought a farm in which stones were dancing, and ordered one of his employees to remove them from the board. The next day, the employee began to uproot kornuollets first stone, but his wheeler rides scared reared and fell to the ground dead. Farmer Englishman began to experiment more, and the stones were in place.

Group rocks in Rollrayte (Oxfordshire) consists of 77 stone mound (megalithic circle) diameter 31.4 meters, as well as Royal menhir stone mound and Whispering Knight. According to legend, one old captain had been predicted, if he can at least once to look at Long Compton, then it becomes king of England. However, when the commander and his army were already a few yards from the place from which you could see the city, the magician turned them into stones, “Get lost man, appeared stone! You’ll never be King of England! ”

Another one of the most mysterious “living” stones in Tibet is about one of the Buddhist monasteries. He not only crawls and climbs up the hill. And it weighs 1100 pounds! So he travels over a thousand years. And a stone moves in the strict route climbs a mountain 2560 feet high, down from it and then wind the community. On the ascent and descent of the stone takes on average 15 years old. Circular route length of 60 kilometers is 50 years old. Have studied this phenomenon, experts have determined the age of the stone at about 50 million years.

In the south-western Russia, Rostov steppes, crawls gypsy rock. And not far from the village of Castle near Pereslavl-Zalessky also has its own stone-reveler, weighing 12 tons. It is the legendary Blue-stone. According to ancient Russian tradition this stone is living spirit ispolniyayuschy dreams and desires. For more than 2000 years old Xin-Stone is an object of worship of the Slavs. Once he was on top of a neighboring lake Yarilin Plesch – sacred hill Yarily god and worshiped as the heart of the sun god. With the arrival of Christianity in Rus church took the place of the former Slavic shrines and temples. And on the hill Yarily church was erected. But the church was burned. Built a palace on the site of Alexander Nevsky. He collapsed. Built a monastery – and it turned into ashes. In the early seventeenth century, the church joined the struggle with the pagan relic. Deacon Pereslavskoe-Semenovskoy church father Onufry told dig a big hole, and throw it in the Hsin-stone. But after 15 years boulder mysteriously looked up from the ground. After 150 years, the church authorities decided to lay Pereslavl “magic” stone of the foundation of the local church steeple. The stone was loaded onto the sleigh and drove on the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva (area of 50 square km., The depth of the lake up to 25 feet). Ice breaks, and Hsin-stone sank to a depth of five meters. But soon the fishermen began to notice that the boulder mysteriously changes its location, moving slowly along the bottom. Forty years later he was on the shore at the foot of the mountain Yarilin where lies to this day. But now Blue-stone goes underground – is the conclusion that the researchers on the basis of measurements of 1998-2002 and 2004.

In the 1960s, British scientists have found and fixed the power energy channels, which entangled the entire surface of the Earth. Like other ancient peoples, the Slavs built their shrines and temples at the intersection of energy security channels. It is at the intersection of these channels and is Plescheevo lake.

In the Far East in the Amur region near Lake Bolon is one and a half boulder almost circular, which the locals called dead stone. Dead, he’s dead, but also loves to travel! Few months he is in peace in one place, then suddenly starts to move. He is worshiped by all the local Evenki who believe that live in it the most evil spirits.

On the banks of the Moustache – the right tributary of the Pechora – found buildings of stone, resembling Stonehenge. There are in the tundra is a very strange place to which herders fear to approach. The hill is about a dozen stones with human height, arranged by someone in a certain order. When people pass by these megalithic statues, it seems as if the giants begin to run from place to place. Hence the name of this complex – Syurberta that in Nenets means “running around.” Most Pechora megaliths located in the south-east coast of mustache or even closer to the mountains of Polar Urals. Among them is the “ring, thrown to the ground” – the object of the stone pillars of seven or eight feet high, standing so for so long that everyone thinks their natural origin. On the river named Seida (seids northern people called sacred boulders) megaliths more. Rumor has it that on the banks of the river are some other megaliths are larger, but locals recommend “There better not go, no one there did not come back.”

By the way, the stones not only travel on land. In 1990 in Ontario, Canada, heavy boulders easily flew into the sky. A similar situation occurred in the same year in America, Arkansas. But when suddenly the stones falling from the sky, and in general a lot. Thus, in March 1888 in Kestertone, England, fell five-pound piece of quartz, and in 1960 in the U.S. state of Illinois heavy boulder originated among the plowed fields, in the state of Oklahoma in 1973 was a real rock falls – on the ground in a short time had fallen several tons stones. An interesting fact: in places often drop large rocks not found any visible impact. The impression is that the stones, defying the laws of physics, lost in the fall speed or height of their fall was not significant. Turkey hunter named Gobbler Yellouvudskom stumbled into the woods on a stone the size of 120×30 cm, was in the crown of a 25-meter tree. Later in the same forest found two such blocks, hanging among the branches. None of the branches are not broken, so do not winds and storms have thrown them there. Since young growing trees would not be able to raise in the air cargo weighing about two hundred pounds, it is obvious that these stones were already on the trees after they have grown. In Kingston, Ohio, the stones lying on two fields, a few days got out of the ground to a height meter and a half, and then slowly began to move, moving away from its original location to a distance of 12 meters, and some of them even climbed on top trees!

And the moon rocks move! Two moving rock with traces of their journey in the opposite direction were recorded in the crater of Vitellius. The length of their traces 270 and 360 meters. An interesting fact is that one of the stones on the wall of the crater climbed up!

In the distant past, as paradoxical as it may sound, people are much more aware of the stones and were able to use them for research purposes. On Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, stands one of the most mysterious prehistoric monument – Stonehenge. Century, scientists have tried to unravel the origin and destination of the stone industry. Now archaeologists agreed that this architectural monument built in three phases between 3500 and 1100 years. BC Design, craftsmanship, time and hard work that had gone into the construction of Stonehenge, clearly indicates its importance to those who built it. In the XVIII century, scientists have noted that the stones are focused on specific periods of solar-lunar cycle, indicating the possible use of facilities for astronomical purposes.

In the Agni Yoga says that the world lives a stone that fell from Orion. The main part is in Shambhala, and only a small piece travels the world, staying connected with the “parent” body. The advantages of this version include the fact that it allows the veneration of the Slavs and other ancient peoples such stones as sacred. Saves up to the middle of the XIX century symbol midsummer cult stone Kremlin was whitish. Relics such Slavic characters still exist: Shutov stone in the Dmitrov District, Moscow Region, Bozh-stone near Tula, Kindyakovsky Stone, Blue Stone, on Plescheevo lake, horse-Stone River Beautiful Sword. They were all the objects and the official worship of the Slavs in pre-Christian times.

On Borovitsky hill (Bor – one of the names of Veles) was a sanctuary Kupala, later in this place, as in all other holy places of Slavic, was built Christian church – St John the Baptist, the first in Moscow, better known as the Church of St. Varus. Even in comparatively recent times, in the XVI century, the Kremlin stone the ritual magical character: it led to Prince Dimitry of Uglich to alleviate suffering from epilepsy. In the XVIII century on the stone, standing in front of the church of Saint Varus, put small children, praying for their healing. It was only in 1848, by order of Nicholas I of Moscow Palace Administration officials ordered the demolition of the church to make the Holy Huara Kremlin and remove the stone. Dismantled under the altar of the temple were found the remains of the ancient offerings Velez. The demolition of the temple is so called notable protests in the capital, officials had to report on the causes of to the Emperor, and Metropolitan Filaret of Moscow – apply to the Muscovites with a special word “for soothing and comforting those skorbevshih the destruction of the ancient church.”

Similar beliefs are known in other nations. Ethnographers described in the islands of the West Indies three iconic stones: one flourish, the other helped mothers, the third called as needed sun or rain. Peruvian Indians believed that within the sacred stones are birds – impersonation of the spirit embodied in them. Fijians believed that stones can act as husbands and wives, and even have children. In India, a stone under a tree symbolizes the soul of the holy righteous grave stone slabs in modern funerary culture back, apparently, to this archetype. In some agricultural traditions colored stones was made to expose on the field as their guardians. In many Indian villages worship stones as embodiments Iglve deity. Among Indian women is worship stone, symbolizing the patron saint of children Shalit. Black stone in Mecca Arabs worshiped long before the birth of Muhammad. Some modern scholars believe that he has a meteoritic origin. According to orthodox Muslims, the angel turned to stone. It was originally white, but the touch of many sinners turned black, just when the Last Judgment, Black Stone turns white again. The ancient Greeks worshiped the gods in the form of unhewn stones, and later – stone statues. In Greek mythology, the infant Zeus – the future of the supreme god – substituted a stone. Stone was born Iranian god Mithra. Stone in the Bible David beats Goliath. In Christianity, Peter (Greek “stone”) has named Jesus apostle Simon son of Zebedee. Stone was removed the holy sword of King Arthur, which was a testament to his royal descent. Celtic Stone Lea Power Fall revered in Ireland for at least related to the Grail legend and the Spear of Destiny. Worship of stones was extremely widespread in medieval Europe. Astrologers to map between stones and zodiac signs, rocks and planets. The aim of the alchemists was to find the Philosopher’s Stone. In the Masonic tradition stone symbolizes profane human condition. Members of the Masonic lodges call themselves “Freemasons”, likening his declared goal – fix human nature – stone processing.

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