Global warming-the northernmost lake in the world comes back to life

06 Oct

Global warmingWhether to receive life in places such impulse to breed from nitrate pollution or its effects enough impending global warming. It seems that an international team of researchers led by Bianchi Perrin of the University of France-Comte (France) failed to answer this question.

Despite the harsh conditions of life, once Kaffenklubben lake was full of life in the face of cyan bacteria. Ice over the lake until the permanent, but its thickness varies. But even under 1-2 meters of ice cyan bacteria survive. True, they are most active in the summer, when the air temperature above the ice-reservoir reaches much +1,6 ˚ C. But the more complex forms of life here uncomfortable. But just now, but once …

3500 years ago, when the lake is only formed, it settled several species of diatoms . However, according to studies of lake cores, as authors told the journal Geology , about 2400 years ago, with a decrease in local temperature of a population is entirely extinct. Normally, to get back, missing only a couple of diatom thaws, but the lake so far north, that up until 1960 – when he came back the first type – this is not the case folded. But by 2011 there were already twenty.

Nitrate pollution, even light trails in Kaffenklubbene not naturally found: intensive agriculture to it for some reason does not have lasted. Consequently, the decolonization of the lake occurred solely through warming, the researchers emphasize, waiting in the near future to further increase the species diversity of the local

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