End of the world from space does not threaten us

29 Oct

End of the EarthDecember 21, 2012 core of the planet to warm up to the point that crack the crust, rises a gigantic wave that will cover continents, will fall to Earth huge asteroid after us will face Nibiru, to conclude with the full parade of planets sun crosses the center of the galaxy, and there was complete end of the world … . If you believe everything they say about the coming apocalypse, the death of our planet can develop about in such a scenario.

In the mid-sixties, at a conference dedicated to the Mayan civilization, the American Professor Michael Coe had the imprudence to say that December 21, 2012 calendar ends the tribe, and thus may come to an end.

While still a historian admitted that only joking, for some surveys, almost 40% of the world still believe in the apocalypse and persistently “customize” any prediction of a specific date.

To reason with those who earnestly believes that the death of the Earth is imminent, volunteered Dmitry Wiebe, senior researcher of the Astronomical Institute of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Like in the old good times, the cities and villages scientist travels with his lecture, which is called, “Why will not the end of the world.” Enlightened and correspondents “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, skip the lecture astronomer in Volgograd we just could not. Still, the worm of doubt gnaws.

“Roland Emmerich – a big dreamer!”

– Dmitry, the whole world has galvanized the film “2012”! And how not to be afraid of? After all, as they say, each share of fiction is fiction – everything else is true. Suddenly netrinoidy …

– Neutrinos – corrects Dmtry.

– That’s it. They are the all the earth, and to destroy, tear apart the core?

Thank Emmerich, though he devoted his audience far from quantum physics, the mystery of the existence of these mysterious particles in our universe.

– Roland Emmerich – a great director, but a big dreamer! Solar neutrino flux planet not threatened. To catch at least a few of these same particles on Earth to build giant structures. But the fears related to solar activity, just opposite, are qualified.
– Explode? Go out?

– Not all that bad. Fears can be connected only with flares. Because of them on Earth for case of emergency, but it was at the end of XIX century in America, “going crazy” telegraphs, Canada burned transformer substations. But this, perhaps, all the tragedy and end. Strong flares on the sun, which can cause massive damage to the planet is not expected, if only because it is inherent to the younger stars, and the sun in this respect an elderly star. And about the fact that the sun will explode, that I first heard in 2000, when the alleged scientists predicted explosion of a star in six years. In 2006, I again heard this prediction, the last time I came across it on the eyes already in 2011, and the sun always somehow explodes certainly in six years.

– I just heard some scientists predict a supernova star Betelgeuse in the constellation Orion, and she very close to the Earth …

– Unfortunately, the predicted explosion of a supernova while not in any way: we do not know how the star looks for a second before the explosion, a day, a year, a thousand years. Not to mention the fact that anyone can predict the explosion to the day. But even if an explosion occurs, the Terrans are not afraid of it, all that we see – it is a beautiful
flash in the sky and nothing more, after all 30 light years away – it’s too far away.

April 13, 2036 – a new date for the apocalypse

– Well, explosions of stars we will not get any. And what about the asteroid: their appearance can you predict?

– The fall of the comet, asteroid thing more dangerous. These events did occur in the history of the Earth once. But now operates a variety of devices that explore the sky in search of dangerous objects. Scientists have even invented a special system of classification of celestial bodies in terms of the possible threat to Earth. According to this classification, asteroids have very minimal chances to harm the planet. And now these heavenly bodies, scientists only know two.

– Apophis is just one of them?

– Exactly. When it opened in 2004, incorrectly calculated its trajectory, it appeared that a collision is inevitable! Later conducted repeated calculations, and now that possibility is only 1K 200000, and then threaten us this may not before April 13, 2036, on this day he was as close to the Earth.

Well, just as in “Armageddon”! We humans have twenty years to find Bruce Willis, who heroically save the planet.

Nibiru or Planet X.

– Is it true that the sun hides the planet Nibiru, and the earth with her ​​face on December 21?

– It’s simple: either we trust the law of gravity or not. If such a monstrous body flew to the center of the solar system, we could see him not only with a telescope, but with the naked eye. Even if a planet hiding behind the sun, it sure is making a disturbance in the movement of other planets.

– It turns out that even in theory it can not be there?

– That’s right!

– What happens when the full parade of planets?

– Let him in a straight line, at least in a wavy line up the planet, the Earth did not happen. But I will refresh you, December 21, no parade of planets is not even expected, now they are all in different parts of the solar system.

Journey to the center of the galaxy

– There is another horror story. Sun December 21 along with the planet crosses the center of the galaxy. And this is where there will be something very, very scary!

– December 21, 2012 the Sun will do towards the center of the galaxy. You will not believe, but in 2011 and 2010 and even in 1900 it was performed the same move. Center of the galaxy, which somehow all so scary, is in the constellation Taurus, and as we know, at the end of December each year, the sun is on the zodiacal constellations. And in the history of planet Earth has repeatedly crossed the center of the galaxy, and to any disasters it does not. So what exactly are we afraid of nothing.

– What if the crust on the ocean floor did crack? – This is my last argument “in favor of the end of the world.”

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