Earth asteroids can be saved only rocket

25 Oct

asteroidsEarth asteroids can be saved only rocket Besides the well-known asteroid Apophis, there are two large celestial body, with trajectories coming decades will cross Earth’s orbit. Said the head of the Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia” Vitaly Lopota.

According to him, the collision probability is very low, but still it is totally not worth it to exclude.

“As in this case can happen with the Earth, there is no need to explain: the disaster of global proportions.” According to him, in order to prevent threats, need booster rockets carrying capacity of 70 tonnes, which will lead to a trajectory to intercept the appropriate spacecraft that can change the trajectory of the asteroid. “We can assume that will use the space tug with a nuclear or solar power plant that will be able to help electrojet engines deliver an asteroid appropriate means and power that can change its orbit. Rather, it will be a thermonuclear charge,” – said the head of the corporation. Previously reported that Roscosmos is planning to launch a spacecraft to the asteroid Apophis, which can impact the Earth in 2029 and 2036, respectively. With his help, Apophis is a lighthouse, which will clarify the orbit of the asteroid. “Much has been said about the approach to the Earth asteroid Apophis in 2036. We are developing a project involving land on the asteroid special module for installation on Apophis beacon that can operate after its service life of the spacecraft,”

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