Black Sea level rises sharply sulfide

21 Oct

SeaBlack Sea level rises dramatically hydrogen sulfide. This was announced at a press conference wo Chief of the Division of ichthyologic Gosrybohrany Nicholas Matskul.

According to him, the level of hydrogen sulfide was once at 200 meters above sea level, and is now up to 20 meters.

“Now, according to our data, it is 180-170 m is associated with a large intake of water in the Danube, Dniester and Dnieper to the Crimea (the North-Crimean channel),” – he said.

N. Matskul also noted that his office all the time in negotiations with the Moldovan side to a steady start with a water power plant, not to suffer the sea and the Dniester estuary, but it still does not change the situation.


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