Bermuda Triangle found the underwater lost city

Underwater cityUnderwater city found in the Bermuda triangle Canadian scientists. Researchers believe they have found traces of the legendary Atlantis.

A team of researchers led by Paul and Pauline found by underwater robot ruins, located about 700 m north of the eastern coast of Cuba. Made underwater vehicle images indicate that at the bottom of the sea are monumental buildings.

Among the buildings four gigantic pyramids, one of which is made of glass, and the Sphinx, and several sculptures. City, according to scientists, was built the ancient Indian civilization at least 1.5 – 2 thousand years ago. They did not rule out that the city is legendary Atlantis, which Plato wrote the Greek historian. Recall, according to the statement of Plato in his dialogues “Timaeus” and “Critias”, Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, and went to the bottom in about X millennium BC the disaster. Many scientists believe that the mythical continent. It is also worth noting that not so long ago, British scientists announced the discovery of an unknown civilization of about 100 thousand years ago, the present territory of the Persian Gulf. Confidence of researchers based on archaeological finds made in recent years on the coast of the Persian Gulf. In a short period of time were discovered more than 60 ancient settlements age about 7.5 thousand years. Archaeologists have shown that it was a fairly large city with a developed road infrastructure. According to the theory, the oasis, which could reach a size comparable to the area of ​​modern Britain, there was over 75 thousand years, until it was overtaken by the fate of Atlantis. However, the ancient people come to those places much earlier. The proof of this statement are made in the traditions of the East African stone tools discovered in excavations in Oman and Yemen. Scientists believe these findings are evidence that people settled in these places is not less than 100 thousand years ago.

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