Babel – dispensation?

16 Oct

Babel The Middle East is becoming confusing no one knows what is happening. Those who from the beginning were against Assad, now they want to have all over it was his victory.

Those who supported the Syrian rebels no longer want to hear about them, the ones who did in this case was not a member, become almost the main character, the eyes of the world are upon him, he instead be proud of their central position in such an important matter, tries as quickly as possible to get rid of all this attention.

It seems like everything is happening just need to add a little bit of religious casuistry and biblical pandemonium people ready! In the title refers to an ancient myth, according to which God destroyed the original idea to build “a tower to heaven,” and disconnected the peoples with different languages. Babylon itself though is in what is now Iraq (90 km from Baghdad), not present Syria, but still it’s an event for all the peoples of this region is not someone else’s. We can see from all this that things do not go as planned somebody. In fact, none of the interested parties in this conflict did not expect that the situation will develop in such a way that it is developing now.

As you can imagine, in the build-up of the situation in Syria, the most interested in Israel, but now after so many months and even years as useless and even dangerous for Israel’s massacre in Syria, it is revealed that it was better not to start. The thing is that Israel expects that Syria was rapid fall and there is already possible to knock out a U.S. attack on Iran. So now it turns out that Assad does not give up, and more and more confident pushing international criminal groups massacred civilians in Syria. The purpose here is not achieved, and as it turned out, could not be reached because the U.S. is not going to bomb Iran. Why, then, is to shake the situation in Syria? Will only increase the risks for Israel itself, but more on that later.

Syrian rebels currently staged regular quarrel and tear apart the Free Syrian Army (Free Syrian Army, FSA). In such circumstances, the West simply for nothing will be solved. Support does not know who “Western democracies” do not want. Here it should be understood that the FSA requires for itself MANPADS in order to effectively confront the Syrian Air Force, which successfully utyuzhat “rebels” from the air. Here are the most MANPADS and the West does not want to Syrian rebels, because tomorrow they will shoot down U.S. and Israeli military aircraft. The thing is that the FSA is increasingly slipping under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Currently, FSA is split into three parts, two-headed military and one led by religious leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. FSA founder Colonel deserter Riad al-Assad today was at a disadvantage, he was left without his army. At the same time, all fighters have picked up under her Muslim brothers are rampant today and in Syria. Needless to say, why the West does not want the victory of radical Muslims in Syria, there is of course better to stand on the sidelines, or to arrange your game to a new location such as the Jordanian border.

West believes that it is possible to do without arms supplies to Syria because there today directed weapons bought by the Muslim Brotherhood. In order to protect the rebels from the Syrian Air Force, the United States decided to use the Turkish Air Force, but as it turned out Turkish planes fly well, and fall is even better. However, episodes of strange mortar gunfire rocked the situation and thus the West wants to intimidate Syria military invasion. It’s a bluff, and no more, because the fight against Syria no one will. A loss of the Turks in conflict necessarily affect the future of Erdogan.

However, in Turkey believe that Russia actively prevents the Turkish domination in the air. The last episode, when a Syrian civilian plane was forced to land in Turkey many politicians caused severe irritation. Some even said that Putin’s visit to Turkey may be canceled. This step seems effective, if not to know why Putin goes to Turkey. But in the West fear that the benefits of Putin’s visit to Syria will be greater than the boycott of Turkey. Western fears well founded. By the way on board a civil airliner may have set an active jamming. This is the very tool that makes radars useless, and Turkish air force ineffective.

If such systems on board really were, it certainly raises questions about the competence of the company is carried forward. Formally, of course there are no violations. This is not the rifles and machine guns, the trade which is not existing restrictions. The only thing able to “get dirty” those who have sent the goods, so it is that civilian aircraft do not carry such loads. But in Russia it seems senders and heap. Not only that, someone just leaked the information about the cargo, it certainly will be investigated. Major damage to Russia here is that for a while in this case it will entice any Hollande McCain, for the supply of “hostile and authoritarian” Syria. At this all the trouble for Russia over.

At the same time, Putin’s visit to Turkey will necessarily lead some dreams Erdogan in line with reality. Everyone knows that Putin is able to convince. There’s no irony, Putin can convince without twisting arms. Very patient and tactful politician he finds the correct arguments in a dialogue with its partners. Has never been a situation so that the results of the meeting were not profitable in Russia. The activities of the Russian Foreign Ministry is very professional and efficient. In this case, of course, Putin’s visit is also prepared. Everybody remembers the failure emmisara Medvedev – Mr Markelov in Libya.

In private, Western diplomats often throw up their hands when talking about the story. The main idea is that, Medvedev would fail the mission. Otherwise it can not be explained by another. With an experienced staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Minister Lavrov as to send none at Margelov in such a serious matter, it is difficult to call a mistake. Medvedev was caught on either a hoax, or it then, in the episode betrayed the interests of Russia. They say that before this episode relations Lavrov and Medvedev were cool, but after this episode, relations were frozen completely. The more we remember, it was in this episode some help Russia lost one of the most experienced Russian diplomats Vladimir Cham. Then Medvedev fired Cham without consultation with Lavrov. Essentially ignored his opinion.

After everything that happened, in Israel, Jews fear the brothers came to power in Syria, “the Muslim Brotherhood.” This brotherhood will destroy everything that gets only the arm. Originally for the fall of the Assad regime, due to open the perspective on Iran, Israel today against the fall of Assad, because in any case the U.S. attack on Iran is not going to. All these feints with aircraft carriers sailed up almost standing in line for “pobombit”, nothing more than psychological pressure. Even if the United States will gather all its aircraft carrier fleet in the Persian Gulf War with Iran will not be.

In Israel itself to fight Iran, there is no possibility. Much more likelihood of success of sabotage and things than success a direct invasion and bombing of nuclear facilities. In addition, Iran’s response might be that those who regret not dead. Having the enriched uranium, it can be any sort of dirty trick that will make anyone feel sorry that were born. Only infect drinking sources, or simply to dispel the enriched uranium to the wind in the right place.

It is very doubtful, knowing resolve Iran that he did not care about the appropriate response in advance. Such containers can be shipped anywhere in the world and the artists will just wait for the signal. All of this suggests that the situation is very serious. And at such a crucial moment in world history, the U.S. State Department as a water clams. The reason can there be one. Knowing who he headed the State Department, Obama has chosen not to take the risk. Such workers sometimes silent – is a huge benefit to the country.

Here in this situation will be Russian President’s visit to Turkey. There are reports that Turkey itself is not happy to see my activity and is waiting for proposals from Russia. Thus Erdogan failed to translate its liability into an asset. This maneuver did not work out much, but some of it work out multiple times, such as addition, Vladimir Putin. Erdogan is well aware that Mr Putin will not have a puncture or loss. Sometimes, when the interested parties to the conflict so would drive the situation into a dead end, it seems that there is no exit, helping Providence. All have noticed that neither Merkel nor Hollande on the Syrian issue hardly expressed. Now it really feels like everything in the hands povideniya. Where did it displays world politics? Place your bets ladies and gentlemen! However, something tells us that we should wait for the results of the visit to Turkey of President Putin.

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