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02 Oct

AlienThe Aline Race Maitre between two home planets in the solar system, constellations Megopei fourth star. For its size, these planets are superior planet Earth three times. Maitre race is a distinct race of parasites, takes the opportunity to attack on the planet.

They telemetric growth and outward appearance is not different from humans. This race visited Earth for the first time back in the prehistoric period, then people were too primitive to the emergence of newcomers affected their consciousness. Therefore the kidnapping was carried out openly. It was the first kidnapping attempt, as a test material for suitability of the population of the planet for colonization and conversion into slaves.

Colonization of the planet did not take place due to the protection of the Nine Governors race, but continued abduction rather than out of necessity, but in order to specify the location of the Nine Governors race, which in the eyes Maitre are just serve them a variety of races. As a race, which has reached a certain level of development, the master, according to the code of the League, has the right to discreet withdrawal of several representatives of inhabitants “neprosnuvshihsya” planets for scientific purposes. Therefore, to prevent kidnapping League can not. Earth, it is visited by about 200 times. Last visit was in September 2006. They stole ten people for slavery from the African continent.
Home planets race Maitre chemical composition similar to the Earth, they are two-thirds covered by oceans. Nature family of planets like Earth’s race Maitre nature Jurassic period. The average temperature on the two planets is plus +32 ° C. Both planets are called the Large and Small.
The Great and the planet are six continents covered by rainforest. Race master, after reached a certain level of life, was able to colonize the planet and turned into slaves races inhabiting them. They left off building the city central, and its representatives began to settle in solitude in private homes, with houses of similar humans, but large. One-story buildings, mostly rectangular. The Great and the planet is home to around two million individuals and forty millions of slaves from different systems. The slaves are predominantly technical support facilities.
Fauna is represented by terrestrial dinosaurs of Jurassic, is the main form of life. There are several types of transitional forms of mammals, but they are not very well developed, as in planetary temperature control is not important.
Minor planet is an analogue large and home to millions of individuals and twenty million slaves. The main food of the race – the meat of various creatures, eating slaves is an anomaly, but not condemned.
Maitre race is a race of hermaphrodites and reproduce, they need another one of a race. Pups are born about eight inches in length, they are placed in a special incubator, where they are taken out already capable of independent travel, then give them to training centers. Education begins with five months and lasts for about four years. By the time they reach the normal development for the representative of the race. The main subjects studied – is mathematics, navigation, mechanics and biology. In general, learning occurs only on practical subjects. The life of the race Maitre 120.
To travel in space to space ships are being built slaves. Spaceships are a hemisphere with a diameter of about two kilometers and a height of 500 meters. The ship can accommodate forty of the race masters and slaves, several thousand staff.
Research activities are also involved in slaves. The basis of obedience slaves are implanted diodes that react to changes in the enzyme composition of blood. Hormone release discontent leads to blockage of the chip and the dying brain. Slaves of the race so submissive and dutiful.
The total number of races Maitre 4 million individuals. In the galaxy of colonized 26 planets. Moving through space, they are caught like themselves and make them their slaves. In the Galaxy, they have two and a half thousand spaceships. On Earth they kidnapped about five thousand men. The main object of the abduction – is tourist groups in remote locations.
They’ve managed to fall out with the race no one, forty thousand colonized planets. There has been a conflict of interest. Race And no one comes into the Galactic League, as well as race master, but it is a very fair race in the galaxy. They refused to join the League of motivated the independence and avoidance of situations in which you can enter ambiguous. League evasiveness on many issues makes race nobody resent the policy of the League in the galaxy. Supreme criterion race nobody is honesty and fairness, and dignity.
The clash with the race Maitre happened after this race was to claim the planet, nobody open race, claiming that they were the pioneers. This planet is the fourth sector, which is under the influence of pirate races. Public nobody planet has its own intelligent life and its name is the only code in astronavigatsionnyh maps. On a planet inhabited only wildlife. The planet is similar to Earth in size and chemical composition. A third of the planet occupied by the ocean. Atmosphere compared to Earth, more tenuous. Planet has huge mineral deposits and this race has attracted masters.
Race Nobody has relations with pirate races, so the colonization of the planet was completely legal. Attempt to capture this race Maitre planet for resources was seen as a race nobody declaration of war. Statement by the Maitre race that he first discovered the planet is a lie that is deeply resented being in this sector of the race anybody. Nobody clans, discuss the situation felt that they insulted deserving of punishment, which is expressed in the destruction of the race.
Race master, to the race no one, is poorly developed. Began the systematic destruction of all ships and Maitre of the race within the Galaxy. War was for the race Maitre shock because nobody successfully counteract race they could not. Attempts to attack ships from a distance at least a planet or space ship race nobody proved suicidal. At present most of the race Maitre try to hide from persecution in little explored corners of the galaxy, or hide in the meteor shower, sincerely believing that in this way they can avoid the danger.
Maitre all of the race will be destroyed within the next three Earth years. Big and Small Planet will race Maitre stripped of the race and nobody there will be only their slaves. No one, after the destruction of race Maitre, eliminates security system, located in the brain of the slaves and give them the opportunity to create their own civilization. Its development will not interfere with nobody.

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