Alien races 2

04 Oct

AlienHave three home planet, the size of one half, the second three times, third five times bigger than the planet Earth. Colonized ten. Earth attend solely for entertainment purposes, as tourists. They have costumes that reflect the all-around and blend in with the background.

So they go unnoticed. Eat synthetic food. While visiting the Earth can eat earthly food. This race is very often in the world in the early periods of its development, and did not try to hide from people. It was she who gave food stories about elves.

They are engaged in kidnapping and stolen from the planet Earth for all the visits of about 10 000. People they need for their zoos. Organized for them the same conditions as on the home planet. The people there live and breed in the society of his kind. When colonizing new planets, Lang did not use violence. Colonize the planet only available with the permission of the Galactic League, but they are not an active participant.
Lang race is an example of race, stopped in its development. At the highest level of technical progress in the transition to a fully automated way of life, this race has lost the desire to acquire knowledge. The representatives of this race are occupied only entertainment. True homeland of the race – the largest of the three planets, called Lang. The other two nearest planets that managed to colonize first, called Ling and Lung. Ten of the colonized planet – a planet-resorts, where everything is made just for fun.
Technical progress of the race has given them the opportunity to build a space ship in the form of huge disks, up to a kilometer in diameter with a capacity of about one thousand individuals. However, these spacecraft are used only for space tourism, and some of them turned into entertainment centers. Lang civilization feature race is the equality of all of the race and the complete lack of status and benefits in the distribution of wealth.
Planet Earth race Lang visited about three thousand times. The most frequent visits occurred in the era of barbarism and the Middle Ages, when the collective mind of humanity has been exposed as a hoax and various superstitions. According to the requirements of the Nine Governors race, the presence of extraterrestrial beings should be hidden from the eyes of the people. So of the race Lang used special masking suits that made them indistinguishable from the environment. Still, the representatives of this race is not always fulfilled the conditions put forward by the race of the Nine Governors, and very often, in the early periods of human civilization, to show people, thus giving rise to the legend of the elves, the existence of forest spirits and goblins. This race is engaged in kidnapping, but it is only with the voluntary consent of the person.
The first case was a kidnapping, abduction, the first of the race who saw Lang. The group discovered a man exposing incredibly frightened and stole earthling, not even imagining why. Later abduction took place only after the voluntary person’s wishes to leave this planet. It is with this and have been linked to the medieval history of the people kidnapped by elves, because in this period race Lang kidnapped in Europe about 500 people.
As already mentioned, the race Lang creates its planets called zoos, in which representatives of different races live in a closed ecosystem, imitating their home planet. Lang was able to steal the race from the planet Earth two thousand. Their descendants still live in zoos on planets race Lang. New abductions are necessary to update the existing set of genetic individuals.
Lang is the number of race three billion individuals. This number is unchanged for half a million years. Lifespan equals Lang – 320 years. The biological characteristics of the race Lang similar to earthlings. They tend to build large cities with tall colorful houses, but often prefer solitude and life in nature. Their entry into the League was more of a political act, allowing this race to travel the galaxy and is under the protection of the Galactic League which threatens security.
The last time they visited the planet Earth in January 2006, appearing in the New Zealand. The group consisted of 20 individuals. Race Lang enjoys the culture of people, especially that part of it, which indirectly tells them stories about elves and magic. A month stay in New Zealand of the race Lang played in earth elf scenario described in the book of Tolkien.

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