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16 Sep

We can see how people interpret the prophecies that have been given in the past century. These prophecies are often very abstract and seem to say something completely different, but people do it seers statements attributed to the events and experiences that come to pass in front of them. This we can see by the example of quatrains of Nostradamus, so cleverly translated, that their original meaning may have lost. However, with the visionaries of the past – one thing, while the other thing – the prophets of the present, including, certainly, the all famous Wang. She said simply, and the translation is not needed.

Its predictions – not abstractions, they are extremely concise and substantive, to the limit to what foresight can reach. The point is that usually information on any future developments are drawn in clairvoyant gaze as a representation, a certain picture, literally – drawn. So clairvoyant cannot say for sure that is what will happen, will happen on a certain day at a certain time, etc. He will be given an idea of what needs to happen, and he will understand interpret its performance – depends on it…

In 1980, Vanga prophesied: “In the end of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn him.” At the time when the prophecy was said, it seemed absurd. Kursk something – this is a Russian city, and is quite a safe distance from possible flooding … And yet in 2000, the “Kursk” was indeed under water, but not the city, and a submarine. And the whole world, in fact, it mourned…

Wang predicts
In 1949, Adolf Hitler himself declared Wang, almost commanded, “Leave Russia alone! .. You lost the war! .. Your future disgracefully! “For the superstitious Führer such a prediction, of course, was a challenge. He was angry, if not mad. “What can you mean? – Shouted the Fuhrer. – You – charlatan! “Fuhrer clearly knew how to put pressure on people … But that Wang could not scare or embarrass somehow, she said Hitler, which will soon give birth to a foal mare Vylcheva Christ, offering him see for himself that she knew that says … And she knew it was true: the defeat of Hitler and the war, and looked like a colt …

As we remember and, of course, mourn the dead, September 11, 2001 terrorists attacked the World Trade Center (New York). But here that predicted Vanga: “Fear, fear! American brethren will fall, the birds peck iron. Wolves howl in the bush, and innocent blood will flow the river. “This prediction dates back to 1989. It is not difficult to guess that the “brothers of the U.S.” – a World Trade Center, and the “iron bird” – a terrorist aircraft. As for the wolves – perhaps this environment, “bush”, that is the American president, George W. Bush, whose name is “Bush” translates to English as “the bush.” Indeed, the real shed innocent blood…

But the most incredible prophecies that cannot yet be confirmed, Wang made about the future of humanity. These predictions are dated different years starting from 1960. Wang said: “In 2018, the train will be flying on wires from the sun. Oil production will stop. Land will rest. “What did she mean? Production of helium-3 on the Moon, which will replace oil? Train just “flying” on wires, which will accumulate solar energy – do not look fantastic today. “There is an ancient Indian doctrine – the doctrine of the White Brotherhood, – said Wang. – It has spread throughout the world … On it will publish new books to be read everywhere … All religions will disappear! Will only have only the doctrine of the White Brotherhood. “Wang made the interesting prediction and space: two hundred years the Hungarians established communication with extraterrestrial intelligence … Why Hungary? So she said … It is to believe in or to wait. Test the predictions of the time itself.

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