Unreal reality

26 Sep

realityThis in order is structured so that it can see the undemanding things, and deep thought. I deliberately did not describe in detail his vision is affected by several reasons. The main reason is that if go into a detailed analysis of some kind, even a very important topic, it will not be able to describe the overall picture, and this goal in this case is paramount.

Since the general picture itself removes many questions. The second reason is that some information may be premature for someone. Might scare and generate a sense of hopelessness, that neither is good in itself. And finally, the third reason is that it is much better and nicer to think out yourself, and do not cram your luggage in another imposed dogma. Each of us is unique, and therefore thinking all different.

Once life has me stumped. Then I suddenly realized that I have the intention to settle physically and then do something major. It became clear that the time and energy to this important, I almost left. I dropped everything and began to look for is something straining your intuition. Skipping all the details, I will say that once I had to go through something like a living death. Reborn. Taking a look at your life from a different position, I suddenly realized that many of my actions I take as a victory and steps affirmation. At least in my mind, it looked like that. And now it has become quite the opposite color, began to look like a losing options. Then I realized that my personal power, somehow, strongly connected with my attitude to it. At times, I had no strength to move, and the body becoming visible bad spots. I’ve heard that, and others, at the time of his spiritual rebirth, felt similar symptoms. Only desire to tell about it, warn, gives me the strength to live and act. Written here, the result of over two decades of work.

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