The unique pyramid Etruscans dug in wine cellar

19 Sep

Archaeologists in Italy have discovered unique underground pyramids built by the Etruscans – the tribes who inhabited the north-west of the peninsula in the I. BC. Ancient buildings have been found a group of Italian and American scientists in wine cellar in Orviento in the central part of the country.

These pyramids are cut in the rock of limestone, which was formed by volcanic activity. All lower structures were completely bombarded. “At the top of the buildings, which were changed in our time and used as a wine cellar, we have noticed a number of stairs carved into the wall. This was obviously an Etruscan construction”, – said one of the researchers.

During excavation of the scientists saw that the buildings have a pyramidal shape. In addition, a number of tunnels goes far deeper into the cellar, and it means that the bottom may still be a lot of unknown. To date, archaeologists have discovered a number of artifacts, including ceramic figurine in V. BC plates with inscriptions and other objects of the time.

Etruscan tribes are for the scientists one of the mysteries of antiquity. Living on the territory of ancient Etruria (modern Tuscany), they created an advanced culture, which preceded the Roman and had a great influence on the latter. In particular, the Romans borrowed from the Etruscans engineering and many customs, including the gladiators.

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