The mysterious phenomenon

10 Sep

phenomenonHunters of the Middle Urals trying to shape out the causes of the mysterious phenomenon, which for the past few weeks does not give them rest. Near the town of phenomenon (perhaps drop an unknown object) melts clay and stones turn into sand.

Hunters, who found scorched land within 30 meters, first thought that came across the missing plane An-2.  However, this assumption was soon disproved – fragment “maize” is not observed, as well as human remains.

But the ground for some reason continues to exude an incredible glow.  The fire could not even put out a heavy rainfall.  Large trees felled in different directions, as if the explosion, but the funnel is not there, only small diameter cylindrical recesses that resemble craters.  In this case one of the recesses is in rock and rock from burning an unknown substance was scattered in the sand.  Peat land in this place there.

“It is remarkable that the tops of the trees remained untouched by the flames.  On earth – ashes of unknown origin, of a red color, and under it is still worth the incredible heat that literally melts the boots “- told the news agency’s journalists’ that went into place.

According to them, in the area smells of creosote, and there are pieces of black substance similar to the decomposed remains of a burnt car camera.  In this case, the background radiation – normal.

Local people are now put forward the most improbable explanation mysterious phenomenon – from the consequences of the fall of a meteor shower space satellite or rocket stage.  Others believe that the reason – strong chemical waste.


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