The kitchen in a cottage found Mayan mural

16 Sep

Rare Maya murals discovered on the wall of his home village resident Guatemalan Chahul while repairing kitchen.

This finding Lucas Ramirez did five years ago, but archaeologists have learned about the discovery recently. Scientists believe that the images belong to the Mayan culture. The newspaper The New York Daily News reports that the house in which the paintings were found to have been built in the XVII-XVIII centuries. Presumably, they were created at this time.

Painted on the wall of a procession of people, some of them dressed in the Indian, the other – in Spanish costumes. Saturno suggests that the author captures the so-called “dance of conquest” – a ritual dedicated to the Spanish invasion of the Maya lands and converts them to Christianity, which the Indians hold to this day.

According to the archaeologist at Boston University, William Saturno, these murals are extremely rare find, and therefore all the more important to have time to study them, murals may soon vanish into thin air due to exposure to air and sunlight, they endured for five years .

American Mayan civilization existed around the second millennium BC to the time of the Spanish conquest of Yucatan was to decline. The flowering of Maya art to the period III – X centuries, this time dated the most famous frescoes found at Palenque, Copan and Bonampak. Most images are not saved because they were destroyed by time or the Spanish Inquisition.

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