The Chinese will find the aliens in the next 20 years

Space exploration has become a national priority in China. At the opening of the General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union in Beijing, dean of the University of Hong Kong Professor Sun Kwok said that many of the living will witness the opening of extraterrestrial life.

Unexpected optimistic and certainly exciting to Chinese scientist present at the assembly. However, many scientists share this optimistic view and note that China may indeed be the leading astronomical power.

China does not have all the technology needed to create the most complex scientific instruments like Web Space Telescope and the rover Curiosity. However, China could provide a large-scale research, which is very important for such a large-scale project as the universe. In particular, the search for habitable planets requires not only highly sensitive telescopes with great resolution, but more simple ground-based observatories, which could lead long surveillance of certain star systems. Such an observatory in Antarctica just builds China.

“I think that we will find evidence of life beyond our planet for the next 50 years or even 20 years – said Sun Kwok. – Do not expect that we will find a highly developed civilization, building the giant city and conquer the space. Rather, we find for the existence of colonies of micro-organisms on another planet, and it will happen very soon. ”

Optimism Chinese scholar based on recent discoveries of bacteria living in extreme environments. Scientists have found terrestrial microorganisms that can survive in the ice of Antarctica, and in the ocean in deep water near the hot springs. If we consider that today discovered hundreds of planets with similar and even much more comfortable conditions, the chance to “meet” microbial life on other planets is very high.

This finding, albeit quite simple extraterrestrial bacteria that can make a revolution in biology, and most importantly – in the attitudes. Dramatically increase the chances that our galaxy is home not only to earthly life, but also for many other ecosystems. It is possible that among the myriad worlds could shelter several representatives of advanced civilizations.

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