Stones and charms

Stones and amulets course, the naturalists of the time the stories of telepathic communication between the stones, which by their physical nature – crystals, not taken seriously, although reports of this kind have been known since ancient times. For example, the story of a mysterious magician and alchemist in XIII. Albert the Great tells the story of his mysterious crystals of rock crystal. If two loving hearts divide, they become like broken pieces of crystal that do not die, but will reflect the light in each other.

Alchemist believed that if a few people that are closely related to each other emotionally and mentally, will be one of the crystal cut glass pieces, they can mentally communicate and influence mood and even the health of each other. There is such a legend of the “perfect” – Paramount Chief of the Christian sect Albigensians, who with the help of some mysterious crystals could communicate from their main stronghold – Montsegur Castle – with his followers throughout FrantsiiV these days, too, can find similar examples. Several years ago, members of one story about the magic crystals were alive.

Correspondent of Abnormal news Elena Samoilov described a case in one of the free-nx articles. During the Great Patriotic War, Aunt Helen Samoilova husband was drafted into the army. Women decided to visit his distant relatives pntsu that all friends jokingly called “Mistress of the Copper Mountain” for the fact that she knew many wonderful properties Ural gems and even he borrowed them successfully in the treatment of people. Even before the war, “the mistress of the Copper Mountain” received from relatives of stone, which is inserted in a simple pendant on a silver chain, and six months later got rid of chronic diseases of the thyroid gland. Wanting to get a miraculous amulet woman recovered to the “Mistress of Copper Mountain”, which offered her two red transparent stones.

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