St. George

16 Sep

St. George. According to ancient legends, they were designed to protect against the evil eye and causing damage. Snake-like demon image taken literally, but the character who would punish him, correlated with some saint. For example, in Belarus says conspiracies about Saint George, were amazed as the serpent demon, “Yuri Ezdiv the mountains, by the Inter on zyaleznyh Strumen, beats a spear and creeping thing, and Gadin …” Then be sure to specify the names of snakes, as depicted on the amulet . Since plots were used together with amulets to increase the influence of the latter.

The material used to make the first amulets, was simple. Most often, they were made of stone, because it was durable, robust and can be passed from generation to generation. So, for example, in the heyday of Christianity can be found Syrian amulet three thousand years ago. Amulets, which were inscribed the names of demons, sunk into oblivion, and many centuries later, have not lost their magic power. After all, rock, be it a simple boulder or a pebble on the beach, accompanied humanity in the way of new discoveries progress.

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