Region appeared spiders species Argiopa

spiders A spider species Argiopa in the Nizhny Novgorod region. And nearby was seen and spider cocoon. Spider Argiopu called “indicators of global warming.”

Spider zebra. This spider is very easy to find on the abdomen, painted bright yellow and black alternating stripes. Most often, you can find the network argiopy the rocks by the sea, in small ditches and pits in the desert.

Natural area of its habitat – forest-steppe and steppe of the land, which is characterized by dry hot climate. But every year these spiders migrate farther north. And if before the zebra spider traditionally lived in the Crimea and in the south-east of Ukraine.

Cobweb argiopy complex design, the spider is located in the center and hanging belly up. Notice cobwebs quite simple – it consists of a zigzag stripes going up and down.

Symptoms of a bite. Argiopy poison is not fatal to humans, but the bite can bring a lot of trouble. The worst of them – an allergic reaction to the venom components. In most cases the effects of the bite melts abscesses, but in some cases may develop necrosis.

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