Prophecy of Padmasambhava

24 Sep

The various patrons of rebirth … three genera, shrunken anger of the gods, the Honourable Mrs. Dolma saint (Tara) will fix it. Especially [much destruction] will be after fifty generations. Then will decline teachings of Buddha Sakyamuni victorious. Monasteries full of married men, temples become military shelters, and the main monastery halls – the premises of slaughter.

Hermits from the mountains to the valleys sleeves. Great contemplatives will sow grain, meditators emptiness – enriched. Monks zavedut wives and noble confessors become thieves and robbers. Feuds rise like the wind. In the central regions begin strife and confusion.

Sages become warlords, holy confessors will fight and noble nuns start killing children. In his father’s possessions will be hosting the others, and sons will not inherit the house of their fathers. The leaders will be barbarians. Little girls will wander in the dirt. In the desert monasteries are voices Bonpos. Temple property rastaschat, sayings and things sell out Saints. Shrines of body, speech and mind plunder, will designate the price and sell. The temples will put the horses and cows, and lay there for uncleanness. While the hearts of monks penetrated kings demons, heart tarnichey – evil spirits, in the heart Bonpos – the fiery spirits in the hearts of men – the male demons, in the hearts of children – evil devils, in the hearts of women – female demons, in the noble heart nuns – scary vampire in the hearts of girls – hotties in short, in every human heart will settle an evil spirit. Signs of this is the following. [People] will be wearing a different mismatched clothes. Noble confessors will dress up, nuns – pose in the mirror. Protecting yourself, people will rely on the arms, adulterate food poison. Sages and teachers will teach bad. The rulers can not be masters of their minds. People lose their modesty and shame, women will lose their power over the body. … Every year [to be spread] a rumor, and people will wear new jewelry and clothing. Commoners will teach doctrine. Women’s speech full of arrogance. Liars will give the blessing. Cheaters will take the place of the great contemplatives. Talkers and mongers will be called wise. You men will break the oath and be proud of it. Slaves will run the state, and the kings become slaves. Cruel executioners will be released in chief. Terrible sinners will think of the Ombudsman. … Ordinary people would dress in clothes of silk noble and high clergymen – to walk in the Mongolian gowns. Monsters that kill people will wear bright red capes clergy. People will begin to diligently teach the wrong spell. Trade and cheating will take over the same. Will write and print various false books. Mandates of the Buddha will be questioned. Good practices will be forgotten, the bad things and bad behavior will become habitual.

… Since creatures will go on the wrong road. Adhering to the evil deeds and behavior, they will forget all the old guardian of the faith and no longer defend the faith and serve. All the planets get lost, there will be great new star. Rains at the right time to go will not. One after the other will follow bad years of hunger and starvation. Demon and the evil spirits will fall into a terrible rage. Of disease in humans and animals multiply so that you can not even list them all names, they will spread like wildfire. Suddenly will shake [the land], it floods, a fire, climb hurricanes. Temples, stupas and cities destroyed in an instant. …

This is the time when India’s people will die from hunger in Nepal – from infectious and other diseases, (in other countries will be) earthquake, contagious diseases, epidemics, famine, earth failures, landslides in Tibet to its five peaks will be three impregnable fortress. It will be a time when, in the gorges of Mont, the homes of bears, will be hidden saints, in the country of Kham ascend two Sun, China unexpectedly dies king. … (Everywhere will be conflicts and wars). … This is the time when believers will be powerless and helpless, the unbelievers have lost conscience will prevail, sages and learned monks become elders, commoners will also be heads, preach and give blessings. It will be a time when protecting virtue, will be hoping for a reward. …

And that would mean that it is time to fix destroyed. Then should be the one who has the happiness and good fortune, and leaving the thought of age, with a great desire and conviction to fix destroyed. …
In the future, after fifty generations, when one hundred and one will be the sign of a bad time, (great man) … [Existence] of good wishes [to receive] the miraculous birth of the purest and will appear in the upper side of the Sun. His parents are teachers of the kind tarnichey, call child will Palan-Sampo (?), [Born] in the year of the pig. It will be the owner of a great mind, great courage and broad knowledge. Because of good wishes, [spoken] in the past, and good deeds that [in the past], he imbued from childhood great faith and devotion of the Three Jewels, the temples and monasteries of body, speech and mind, a sense of charity to the blind and the poor living beings , reverence for the great courage and deep thoughts of noble followers “Great Vehicle” will receive power to do terrible things, famous as a fierce, fierce and angry [Defender of the Faith], it will be hard to rely on the guardian spirits, listen Nakae geniuses – the defenders and protectors of religion , serve them a vow he not in the least depart from the Lord, he will have the power of faith and ferocity [the enemies] …

When all vozmechtayut get rid of suffering, [will be] the man who has received a blessing from me, and, seized with the desire to save the people, will spare no body, no life. With great zeal he will encourage all living in different countries to virtue. Then you need to be all respectable people turn their thoughts to one side and to help this man. But all living things at the time to be captured demon of false ideas, so few people will give him the confidence and esteem, such will be the same as the stars afternoon. Yet one hundred thirty thousand committing white matter, six thousand make deep prayer, one hundred and eight people who were brought to [respect] vows, sixteen milostynedateley diligent, [yes] seven women [total]: twenty-three, and the degeneration of the eight bodhisattvas – eight teachers, twenty-five young believers, five dakinis rebirth, seven have received the blessing of the dakini, twenty-five women from noble families who found their birth, will clear all obstacles and difficulties. But most importantly – he will meet with the reincarnation of my heart, [the sage] of Urdzhana, son of Padma limp and sage Briguna and rebirth of thee, O king exercises. And he proceeds to commit a great cause – the restoration of damage. When it is executed, now is a good time. … All obstacles to the teaching manuals and achievements disappear, and it is widely spread. The lives of all the saints who hold teaching, will be long, and makes them great. … Generation is all black destroyers, demons and evil spirits that brought devastation to be eradicated. In short, all living beings, the recovery, will find the pure body and face of a god or man in the three sorts of living creatures, and in the end, become Buddhas. All who will trust, respect and honor this man, or rejoice together with it – reducing damage – fall into the category of prudential seven births. All living beings who sees through the eyes, hear with their ears, engraved in the heart of this great man, a reducing agent was destroyed – all torn out by the roots filth evil deeds gathered 60,000 great kalpas. All those who enter into relations with the man who does the reconstruction of destroyed, as a small or large respect, reverence and faith to him, will find higher or miraculous powers, and, in the end.

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