The Third Eye

This phenomenon has repeatedly demonstrated psychics. Film placed in a light-tight envelope, it was applied to the forehead, after which it appeared ordered image. Classical science of man, this phenomenon can not yet explain. But the ancient Eastern tradition claims that the ability to receive and radiate mental images have a special energy centers –… Read more The Third Eye

Unreal reality

This in order is structured so that it can see the undemanding things, and deep thought. I deliberately did not describe in detail his vision is affected by several reasons. The main reason is that if go into a detailed analysis of some kind, even a very important topic, it will not be able to… Read more Unreal reality

2040 cars with a driver may disappear from the roads

The world will be unmanned. This information is contained in the forecast of experts from the International Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. According to scientists, any innovations in the field of transport in the first place have difficulty creating an infrastructure for their use. In the case of vehicles, drones these obstacles will not,… Read more 2040 cars with a driver may disappear from the roads

World on the brink

The current situation, many have concluded that humanity has reached a dead end of civilization. Try to give an overview of what is now the world. Being unable to reach a compromise over the weekend, South Africa is currently in a full-scale strike, police again fired rubber bullets, and the escalation of the situation fatalities… Read more World on the brink

NASA looking for a mythical planet Nibiru killer

Nibiru which according to ancient tradition, with a certain periodicity flies around the Earth once again attracted the attention of astronomers. NASA officially confirmed the existence of Nibiru in 1983, beginning her serious quest. Some scholars argue that it is the gravitational force of Nibiru caused the Great Flood, which led to a global catastrophe.… Read more NASA looking for a mythical planet Nibiru killer