NASA looking for a mythical planet Nibiru killer

24 Sep

planet NibiruNibiru which according to ancient tradition, with a certain periodicity flies around the Earth once again attracted the attention of astronomers. NASA officially confirmed the existence of Nibiru in 1983, beginning her serious quest.

Some scholars argue that it is the gravitational force of Nibiru caused the Great Flood, which led to a global catastrophe.
Earlier, U.S. researchers have suggested that Nibiru – artificially created by aliens planet to live on it and watch the Earth, Nibiru, red in color, has a splinter loop and several satellites.

It is assumed that Nibiru has caused some change in the axis of the planets in our solar system and caused the craters and cracks on the surface of the moon. Nibiru called culprit disappearance of Atlantis and constant flooding.

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