Coronal cavities can affect solar emissions

Scientists are trying to better understand and learn how to better predict eruptions of solar material, so they drew my attention to the mysterious cavities in the outer atmosphere of the Sun, or the Crown.

These Coronal cavities are starting places for solar plasma clots with masses of several billion tons, called the koronal′nymi mass emissions (CME). Understanding the causes of CME is very important to scholars, as those of these eruptions, which are aimed directly at Earth, can damage the radio communication systems, satellite navigation, and power systems.

In the new study, the scientists of NASA‘s Goddard spaceflight Center, headed by Terry Kucera describe a structure similar to a giant Croissant, a fancy form of which is caused by tightening of the loops of magnetic fields that generate inside the Crescent shaped feed cylinder. The cavity should be approximately 30% less dense than surrounding their stuff and the average temperature can range from 1.4 to 1.7 million degrees Celsius, increasing with increasing distance from the surface of the Sun.

“The purpose of our research on Coronal cavities actually is a detailed study of the physics of magnetic fields in the solar corona,” said Kucera.

Work published in The Reputed Journal for September 20, 2012

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