Clash of Civilizations!

19 Sep

“Clash of Civilizations” – so the new project of Igor Prokopenko. Closed until now information from the secret archives will be available to all.

“Battle of civilizations” will show – NO MORE SECRETS

How many more will survive our planet?

Why intelligence agencies looked for UFOs?
Can the humanity today to protect themselves from an alien invasion?
What a mysterious civilization hidden in the bottom of the oceans?
Is it true that the earth was originally a planet of women, and the pyramids and temples of ancient Egypt keep record of the past and prevent the Apocalypse, the new?
Was there a secret mission to the moon and what secret data has been destroyed?
Is humanity a few steps away from unlocking the secret of immortality?
These and other important questions and answers to them – in the special project of Igor Prokopenko “Clash of Civilizations.” 12 unique documentary investigations: the hard facts, shocking discoveries, loud sensation.
REN TV reveals all secrets.

“My wife – a Martian”
Sensational hypothesis put forward a British embryologist. They believe that a man – it evolved woman. And men igrek chromosome at all – the result of spontaneous mutation female genes. That is, in fact, the appearance of a man – it is pure coincidence, lucky freak of nature. It really is a man became the father of humanity? Or the earth was originally a planet of women? What happens to the modern “stronger and weaker sex” and what is in store for its members?
About it – in the film “My wife – a Martian” on REN TV in the special project “Battle of Civilizations
September 23.

“Race immortals”
In ancient times, people lived much longer than today. The chronicles mention is that humanity stood one step from immortality … How to prolong life, knew the gods. Keep an accurate description of what they did for the fountain of youth. Surprisingly, the technology gods today were at the forefront of modern medicine. What are the chances that soon humanity will be key to immortality as an elixir, a unique technique or “magical” device? And so if we have to strive for it? After all, if you think about the immortality of all people is fraught with global implications … What?

About it – in the movie “Race Immortals” on REN TV in the special project “Clash of Civilizations” on September 23.

“One minute before the Apocalypse”
The ominous date 21/12/12 all nearing. And despite assurances from scientists about the absurdity of waiting for the end of the world, the world has already started to happen something incomprehensible. Most recently, astrophysicists have made a shocking announcement. It turns out that the main threat to our planet – not global warming or even nuclear war, and an unidentified space object, which for the past four thousand years to escape velocity is flying towards Earth. Astronomers have found that this huge planet wandering throughout the universe, and now she decided to stop by and visit us: exactly one year later in December 2012, it will be at the point of closest approach to Earth. What is this planet and what other troubles from space threatens us with an alarming 2012? The planet reacts to something drastic global climate change and strange disasters. In what could be the cause? Why do many people have started to see prophetic dreams, but not in a hurry to debunk psychics disturbing rumors?

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